China Riots: Old Moore Predicted a Chinese Uprising and Revolution


China riots: While the scale of the rebellion has not reached mainstream media yet (why the information blackout about the revolt, mainstream media?) footage smuggled out of China is showing just how wild things have gotten.

First, let’s look at Old Moore’s predictions in the 2022 edition.

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China Riots: Old Moore Predicted it, Yet Again

If you want to see actual footage of the uprising by common Chinese people in China, then the TikTok Is your go-to here. These are full-scale riots and the Chinese people have had enough. These China riots are new behavior from the long-oppressed Chinese people.

Footage can be found here, here, here and here.

This is incredibly unusual for Chinese society. But their overly-monitored, highly oppressed people have reached breaking point, somewhat similar to what is happening in Iran.

There is also a lot of footage emerging from Twitter.

Reason for Rebellion

In short, as the government tries to stop a new Covid outbreak (which some Chinese people are saying is fake news to keep them contained), everyday workers are being locked up in places like the factories where they live and work. Literally, Covid enforcers are putting bars around factories, where people live and work, and not letting them leave.

This is a barbarity too far for the oppressed Chinese workers.

When a fire broke out in one factory, suspected to be for Apple, the enforcers allegedly would not let the workers leave, despite the risk from the fire. People have died, including children, and this is said to be the source of the uprising.

The footage smuggled out of China is wild. Revolution is definitely in the air. In this article, you can see some more footage. In it, a huge crowd of protesters tear down Covid barriers and totally wreck testing centres. They are also pushing back against enforcers.

Is global revolution in the air? Revolt is definitely in the wind.

While it is amazing that Old Moore predicted it, the point is that everyone around the world wants freedom for these workers. We hope that they get the human rights they deserve.


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