Predictions for 2022: What Has Come True So Far?


Predictions made by Old Moore are still keeping people fascinated, as always. So let’s take a look at the predictions made for Ireland in 2022.

One of the most talked-about predictions was that “A female Taoiseach is on the cards for Ireland within the next 3 years.”

This is a very interesting prediction. Multiple articles were spun out over this, including one that said that “Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald has carved a ‘very clear’ path toward being the first female Taoiseach.”


predictions for 2022 old moore's almanac

We all will watch this space.

Liam Neeson

The prediction was that Liam Neeson needs to watch his health. Liam recently spoke of a painful condition he had been suffering.. all because of too much coffee!  The 70-year-old was crippled by “agonising” cramps in his legs, which the actor later found out were caused by drinking too much caffeine.

predictions for 2022 old moore's almanac

Another prediction was that the summer was going to be a scorcher with a heatwave ready to sizzle everyone raw. And this week, temps are hitting the 30s.

There was also a drought predicted, and the drought hit so hard in Londonderry, that an ancient island became visible after the area dried out. 

Predictions: Other Weather Events

A tsunami was also predicted and strangely, this happened in West Cork. In fact, another prediction, of an earthquake was also seen in the area, which caused the sea disturbance in the first place.  The cause was also seen as a “submarine landslide leading to a small tsunami.” So the very interesting prediction was: “Ireland gets a landslide, a giant wave and an earthquake, a heatwave, a drought, and a huge dump of snow.” I guess we will have to wait for Christmas to get a full house.

Another prediction was that the April showers will be missing. In fact, while some areas got some initial showers at the start of April, it was dry and sunny overall.

Another prediction is that house prices would go even higher. Well, asking prices for the average home in the Republic rose almost 11 per cent to €320,000 in the 12 months to June, says a new report.


Let’s keep watching this space!


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