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The 2022 edition of The Genuine Irish Old Moore’s Almanac features its usual mix of scarily accurate predictions and thought-provoking articles.

We have a very exciting read for you this issue. We have expanded our predictions section. Yes that’s right! Our in-house psychic (who predicted the rise of Bitcoin, and the pandemic)  has predicted the rise of two new crypto coins, which he names inside the pages of the 2022 edition.

We also have some fascinating articles from a range of different writers, all of whom challenge our perceptions of what we think we know about the world. It’s fascinating reading. And of course, for the person who has everything, it is an excellent Christmas gift. It can be handed to multiple people in the extended family, and then it can be recycled afterwards… it is the perfect gift!

Our circulation has gone up every year, and it is still rising. So make sure you get your copy for 2022 by ordering it now. It will be safely delivered to your door. You won’t have to fight the weather and the Christmas crowds to get it!

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1 review for Buy the 2022 Old Moore’s Almanac

  1. Desmond Kennedy

    A wonderful little book especially on times gone by. I haven’t missed an old moored almanac since I was 12

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