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Old Moore’s Almanac 2024: Ready for delivery!

We have a very exciting read for you this issue. We have expanded our predictions section. Yes, that’s right! Our in-house psychic (who predicted the rise of Bitcoin, the pandemic, and that there would be a “submarine drama’ in 2023) has given us his new predictions!

Old Moore’s Almanac predictions for 2024 include an assassination warning for Trump, the end of cash, the end of roads, and a massive earthquake that extends across multiple borders.

We also have some fascinating articles from a range of different writers, all of whom challenge our perceptions of what we think we know about the world. This is why the Old Moore’s Almanac remains the highest-selling native Irish magazine on the market.

And of course, for the person who has everything, it is an excellent Christmas gift. It can be handed to multiple people in the extended family, and then it can be recycled afterward… it is the perfect gift!

Our circulation has gone up every year, and it is still rising. We sell out, despite printing more and more each year! So make sure you get your copy for 2024 by pre-ordering it for a December delivery!

Old Moore's Almanac 2024 Old Moores Almanac 2024

Old Moore’s Almanac 2024

About the Old Moore’s Almanac

Old Moore’s Almanac of Ireland is a magazine that has been around for 260 years and is known for its accurate predictions of future events. The magazine is published annually and contains a variety of interesting articles on topics ranging from history to spirituality to farming.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the magazine is its predictions for the upcoming year. The 2023 edition of the magazine has already made some predictions that have come true, such as a summer heatwave in Ireland. The magazine also predicts events for the future, such as a “great reset” of the financial system and the rise of digital currencies issued by central banks. It is also famous for its horoscopes.

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In addition to its predictions, Old Moore’s Almanac of Ireland is also known for its compelling and informative articles. For instance, it explores whether an Irish monk was actually the first person from the Western world to discover America. It also delves into topics such as spiritual healing at Ireland’s Celtic mystic hotspots, Irish wedding traditions, and the impact of Irish indentured slaves on the West Indies.

The magazine has a circulation of around 57,000 copies and has enjoyed a revival in recent years due to its accurate predictions and love of futurism. It is available for purchase online at oldmooresalmanac.com or at your local newsagent.

Old Moore’s Almanac of Ireland is a great magazine that offers a unique blend of accurate predictions and fascinating articles. It’s definitely worth checking out!

11 reviews for Old Moore’s Almanac 2024

  1. Dave Smyth Sr

    Last visit to Galway couldn’t find one. Happy to see this preorder. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth McBride (verified owner)

    I love Old Moore’s Almanac. It’s always been in our house since I was a child which is not today or yesterday. Keep it going for future generations to enjoy

  3. Elizabeth McBride (verified owner)

    I love Old Moore’s Almanac it’s always been in our house since I was a child which is not today or yesterday. Keep it going for future generations to enjoy

  4. Paul vinton

    Visited numerous shops can’t find it people don’t know what it is glad found you on line

  5. David Walby


  6. Mr Valentine Duignan (verified owner)

    Wonderful publication down through the years

  7. gerald m jann

    Excellent !!

  8. astral-institute.com

    The Old Moore Almanac changed my life over 30 years ago

  9. Eileen Kennedy


  10. Maria

    I’ would like to research further abouttheplanting of the moon can itbeendowmloaded the information thanks

    • Editor

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you’d like to send an email to [email protected] I can send you a download of the article

  11. shirley walker

    oh so true it gives me comfort

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