An Irishman Abroad

An Irishman Abroad: Episode 341: Mary Robinson

Since the inception of An Irishman Abroad, Mary Robinson has been one of the most requested guests for the series...

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 274: John C O’Reilly (Live)

One of Hollywood\'s biggest names, John C. Reilly, joined Jarlath in front of a live audience at the Irish Ambassador\'s..

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 291: Niall O’Dowd

As the CEO of Irish Central, activist, writer and journalist Niall O\'Dowd is, without a doubt, one of the most..

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 307: Tommy Tiernan

One of the most downloaded interviews in the series to date, this interview with Tommy Tiernan was recorded live at..

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 333: Thatcher’s Spy (Willie Carlin)

We hear the incredible story of the man who spent 10 years undercover as an M15 agent in Derry within..

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 327: Sinead Burke

This week, Sinead Burke sat down with Jarlath in the London Irish Centre in Camden for conversation like no other..

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 311: Hozier

In this episode, we delve all the way back to November 2015 when Andrew Hozier Byrne joined Jarlath for a..

An Irishman Abroad – Episode 306: Ray D’Arcy

Ray D\'Arcy doesn\'t usually sit on the opposite side of the interviewing desk and, as a result, this highly anticipated..

Mythical Ireland

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Mythical Ireland podcast 2 – the search for the flooded lands of prehistory beneath the Irish Sea

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Mythical Ireland podcast #4 – the revitalisation of Sheelah, the wife of Saint Patrick

Mythical Ireland Podcast #5 – Drombeg, Cashel, books, Newgrange henge, Dagda’s mound, films

Where is Dowth’s summer solstice chamber?

Mythical Ireland Podcast 6 – Don’t let the poets perish

Mythical Ireland podcast 7: Drought archaeology revealed in Google Earth and the closure of Cairn T

Mythical Ireland Podcast 8: Interview with author Judith Nilan

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