Predictions Which Have Come True – Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


Predictions are the best part of the Old Moore’s Almanac! So here are some that have already come true for this year. This time, we focus on the predictions Old Moore made about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Of course, Russia has been in the news all year. And our in-house psychic did not let us down with predictions in this regard. The 2022 edition went to press in November of 2021, so these were all made before Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

The prediction:

Putin has a health crisis and a scandal. Terrorism returns to the European region, causing a shift in policy across Europe. Germany will be in the news all year, for something entirely strange. Shortages of items cause panic and hoarding.  A boat sinking will cause an international drama.

This paragraph has been one of the most amazing prediction sequences of the year. So let’s break it down.

Putin indeed seems to be ailing, with shaking and being unsteady as part of his symptoms. He also has had a cancer specialist shadowing him.

Predictions Which Have Come True

Many commentators have said that his ill health has led him to make some terrifying decisions.


Predictions about Terrorism

Terrorism returns to the European Union – We can all agree that Ukraine has been at the sharp end of terrorism for months now.


As for Germany being in the news, it seems as though they now face an energy and heating crisis thanks to Russia switching off the gas supply. They now have to reconsider their stance on nuclear energy if they want to stay warm. Before February of 2022, no one could have ever predicted that Germany would be facing this crisis – except Old Moore.


As for the prediction that there would be panic and hoarding after a shortage of items in the EU… this very thing has happened.

Russia Ukraine psychic

A boat sinking causing an international drama? Well here it is.



With these predictions, Old Moore has predicted the war, almost in sequence.

These are strange and sad times. We will keep watching as the predictions unfold.


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