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Hello, Old Moore’s Almanac fans!

You can now put your name on the pre-order list for the Old Moore’s Almanac 2023 edition (copies available the last week in November 2022). Remember that we sell out every year, despite printing more and more! So get your name on that list.

The 2023 edition not only includes the predictions that Old Moore is famous for (like… in 2023, Trump has a health warning) but also it has some compelling and interesting articles.

First of all… is it time to let go of the Big Bang Theory as a valid idea? Was an Irish monk actually the first person from the Western world to discover America? Can you get spiritual healing at Ireland’s Celtic mystic hotspots? What Irish wedding traditions are we losing as other cultures encroach upon us? What will farming look like in the future? Does the Irish education system need to be overhauled? What was the impact of Irish indentured slaves on the West Indies? What will be the future of religion in Ireland? What rare Irish coins could you find in your attic that could bag you a fortune?


Order your copy now and find out!


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