Old Moore’s Psychic Predictions for 2018


Our inhouse psychic, Old Moore, has made some great predictions for 2018. He also has given us some for our web page, so here they are!


-Volcanoes, ferocious weather, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, floods, worst monsoons ever

-Scientology will face serious hurdles and scandals in Ireland

-Antarctica in the news again in 2018

-Wildfires in Australia

-Kim Jong-Un is at risk from an inside job

-China and India squabble

-Satellite/space equipment hacking story

-Syria will split

-US and Japan strengthen their alliance

-Big company fraud/slush fund controversy using e-currencies

-Drone attack

-Italian economic woes

-Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair will return to the spotlight

-Iceland – A volcanic eruption, affecting Norway

-Seismic activity for Australia and New Zealand

-Big Ben in the news

-Nasty new super bug for 2018

-OJ Simpson’s life will come to a violent end in the near future

-Hilary is at risk of passing over within a couple of years

-A “blood moon” or a “blue moon” will be in the news

-Crop damage and prices of vegetable and fruit rise

-Trump’s approval rating will continue to rise

-Long term, Trump’s health is not stable. US citizens may be stuck with Mike Pence as President

-Parts of Europe will be in drought, while other parts suffer floods

-Irish YouTuber goes global


More predictions are jam-packed into the 2018 edition of Old Moore’s Almanac. Click the link on this page to buy it online.

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