2020 Predictions from Old Moore’s Psychic


As always at this time of year, our in-house psychic shares some of his predictions for the following year with our online audience. So, here’s his list of 2020 predictions:

  • Facebook and Google will be hit with fines and penalties in anti-trust investigations
  • A CRISPR treatment for an inherited condition will cause controversy
  • Brazil’s President Bolsonaro to face impeachment in 2020
  • Get ready for holograms! We will soon be able to project them from our smartphones
  • Thawing permafrost in the Arctic and Siberia will be huge news this year
  • New discoveries about dark matter are on the way
  • Trouble on the border between North Korea and China
  • Poor crop yields in the USA
  • Joe Biden to win the democratic presidential nomination
  • Flash floods will cause problems in Italy
  • CRISPR technology will save the banana from extinction
  • Problems for SpaceX in 2020, delays to scheduled launches
  • There will be an immigration crisis in Europe, possibly even bigger than the 2015 crisis
  • A simple screening test to identify people at risk of developing dementia is on the way
  • Soon we will have a universal flu vaccine that protects against all strains of the virus
  • A high profile sexual assault case will make the news at home

Only time will tell if our psychic’s 2020 predictions are correct. But you can check for yourself how he did in 2019.

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