Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Extreme Winter for the USA


Farmers’ Almanac: Over the pond in America, they also have an Almanac just like this one. While they are not affiliated with us, who doesn’t love a good Almanac?

And strangely, weather predictions in both Old Moore’s Almanac and the Farmer’s Almanac are eerily similar. That is, both have predicted a blistering summer for 2022 and a dump of snow for the winter of 2022/23.

They say, “Every year since 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac provides an extended weather forecast that helps people plan ahead. This year, with the extreme summer weather conditions broiling the country, and the growing concern over the rising costs of heating oil, Farmers’ Almanac is releasing its winter weather forecast earlier than ever.”

Farmers' Almanac Predicts Extreme Winter for the USA

Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a winter filled with shakes, shivers, and shoveling!

The 2023 Farmers’ Almanac is warning readers that this winter will be filled with plenty of shaking, shivering, and shoveling.

Farmer’s Almanac: How Cold?

Shivery temperatures are predicted to rattle warm weather seekers in the Southeast and South Central states, but the real shivers might send people in the Great Lakes, Northeast, and North Central regions hibernating. According to the Almanac, the North Central states are forecast to experience extremely cold temperatures, (possibly 40° below zero!) – especially during mid-January.

Areas in the western half of the country should escape major shivers, with an overall forecast of brisk temperatures predicted in the Northwest and mild temperatures in the Southwest.

Farmers' Almanac Predicts Extreme Winter for the USA

Farmers’ Almanac: Shovel Worthy

The Farmers’ Almanac suggests a stormy winter is on schedule, especially for the eastern half of the country. For some areas, this may mean snow, but for others, it will result in more slush and mush.

January 2023 looks to be the stormiest for many areas including Texas and Oklahoma, where heavy snow is predicted during the first week. Unfortunately, a dry winter is predicted for the Southwest states, which won’t help the drought situation.

Last year, the Almanac predicted many of the 2021-2022 winter storms, most notably: the early-season nor’easter in the end of October, and the unusual blizzard in the last week of April (in parts of Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas).

Go well, our friends in USA!


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