Predictions (More!) Which Came True from the 2022 Old Moore’s Almanac


Predictions are what Old Moore’s Almanac is famous for. So here are some more that have come true this year!

This is the fourth article about the predictions from the Old Moore’s Almanac 2022 coming true.

Old Moore has had a bumper year of predictions. You can see more of his predictions coming true here, here and here.

Predictions about Movies

On a lighter note, there was a prediction that there would be a Bill and Ted 4 on our horizon. In fact, just last month, there were noises about this happening. Keanu Reeves said he wants to make more Bill & Ted movies with co-star and longtime friend Alex Winter. Old Moore predicted that it would be called something like “Bill and Ted 4 – The grandfathers”… The third film in the sequel – Bill & Ted Face the Music – features Bill and Ted and their teen daughters. So, we will watch this space.

Predictions about Pandemics

One of the most famous predictions from 2022 must be that of “a second pandemic, unrelated to the first.”

Unfortunately, Monkey Pox took hold this year, moving from Africa, right across the world.

The global monkeypox outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) – the strongest call to action the agency can make.

predictions 2022 Old Moore's Almanac



Another interesting prediction is that of malls reinventing themselves as we all shop online more. Old Moore said, “Malls will start to reinvent themselves as more people shop online. They will be more places of leisure and entertainment.”

predictions 2022 Old Moore's Almanac


Old Moore predicted the march of drones in the 2022 edition. In fact, there will be so many drones in a sub-layer of the skies, that a new air traffic control system is being introduced. This is so that all of the drones won’t smash into each other. The world is changing fast!

predictions 2022 Old Moore's Almanac


Old Moore also predicted a lot of volcano action this year.  Just last week, a volcano exploded in Iceland, spewing out its bright red innards.  In fact, 47 volcanoes around the world are currently busy spewing out lava.

predictions 2022 Old Moore's Almanac


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