Aries Drivers Are Most Likely to Need a Road Rescue Call Out


Aries, you are hopeless. Take the bus. And don’t you laugh Virgo, you need the most assistance for locking yourself out of your car.


Britannia Rescue, a UK roadside assist company, has conducted some interesting research. Your star sign can determine if you are more likely to run out of fuel along the way, break down, or not be able to change a tyre.

When we think of the signs of the zodiac we often relate people to their distinctive personality traits, but have you ever thought that your star sign could influence how often you breakdown and what causes you car trouble?

A study of 10,000 individual call outs by Britannia Rescue has revealed some interesting facts about us. For example, those born under the sign Aries were accountable for the most road rescue call outs, and 25% more likely to request roadside assistance than Scorpios.

Those born under the signs of Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius and Scorpio made the least number of requests for road rescue assistance.

Geminis, Leos, Pisceans and Taureans were all responsible for making the most call outs, with Arians coming out as the number one road rescue users.

Out of all the star signs, Virgos made the most call outs for locking their keys in the car. In fact Virgos are three times as likely to make such a request for assistance than Libras. This is in contrast to common personality traits of a Virgo, best known for their organisational skills and attention to detail.

Taureans may be bullish and stubborn but results show that they can also be very forgetful. They came top of the list of all star signs for running out of fuel and putting the wrong fuel in their car. Taureans are five times more likely than Aquarians and Geminis to ring up Britannia Rescue for these reasons.

Of all the star signs, Aquarians are most likely to require assistance with a flat battery, twice as likely as Libras Aquarians are also most likely to have a problem with their exhaust pipe and a problem with their handbrake.

Pisceans are most likely of all the star signs to run out of oil (despite the warning light!). Perhaps this is because they are the least likely sign to call out for help because they have an oil leak.

Aries are 20% more likely than any other star sign to have to call for assistance with a flat tyre and, to make matters worse, often they won’t be carrying a spare. If fact, they are 3 times more likely than Geminis and Leos not to be carrying a spare!

Malcolm Phillips, Chief Executive of Britannia Rescue, says: “The results of the survey are a fun way of highlighting the most common problems that Britannia Rescue members face when they need to call us out for road rescue. There is also a serious side to our findings, which is something every driver can relate to. I hope that whatever the star sign, drivers will be encouraged to make more regular basic checks on their cars.”

So, what did you need roadside assistance for last time you got yourself into knots on the back lanes? Maybe it is time to check the fuel guage.


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