Who Were You in a Past Life?


From a young age, Kathy Gibbons could remember her past lives. She now helps others to remember their past lives and heal the hurts they have brought with them into this life.

A woman came to me with chronic back pain. It was undiagnosed; no one could work out what was causing it. It was utterly debilitating for her. She couldn’t work as a hairdresser, and it hindered her life. The pain was almost constant.

In her past life she had been a young Scottish teenage boy who had volunteered to go and serve in World War I and found herself at the battle of Gallipoli where she describes ships, the battlefield, and heavy fog. She was very emotionally present in this past life memory. During this life as a very young soldier, she was injured on the battlefield. The wound was so bad that she was considered not healthy enough to be taken off the battlefield and she was left for dead in a foreign place where she couldn’t speak the language.


Her emotional trauma was that she was never going to get home she was never going to get to say goodbye to her family. Shrapnel in her past life had settled in her back between her shoulder blades. And it was the memory of the trauma of being left and the pain of the physical wound that made her feel such pain in this present life. So we did some work to remove that pain. In past life where there are battlefield and war scenarios, there are a lot of people who didn’t get to say goodbye to their loved ones. It is tragedy on a very large scale.

People sometimes come to me because of difficult relationships. Very often the root of these can be unresolved conflicts in past life relationships. A client came to me because she felt frightened about starting a family. She was recently married and her husband was very keen to start trying for children. She couldn’t work out why she was so apprehensive about it, because she also wanted to have children.

We went into her past life which was in America in the 1800s where they were discovering the “Wild West.” In her case she lived with her husband in a small town in the mid-west. She had two children. But then disaster struck: there was a shooting and she had to escape with her two children. In her attempt to escape she was shot at. The baby in her arms died as a result of this shot and killed, but she survived the violent event. She had feelings of guilt that her life had been saved by the fact that the child took the bullet for her. So we did a lot of work and eventually she was able to release a lot of fear to do with having children.

Knowing about history helps us to understand the present, and in a similar way, knowing who you were in your past lives enables better understanding of who you are in the present. Past Life Regression is a process of exploration through time and history, a personal journey that informs the choices, preferences and decisions of your life.

Our minds work on two levels; the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think, and act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind controls our habits. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis I can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. This is how hypnosis works to change negative habits acquired over time. A client always comes to me for a reason. Sometimes it can be curiosity that drives them into my office! Then we decide together what can be achieved in the session. It may take a few more than one session. Sessions last 90 minutes to two hours.

Many clients come to me because they feel blocked in their present life, they may have been in traditional therapy but have never been able to get to the root of the problem. They can come with chronic pain with no physical diagnosis from their doctor. Some come on a spiritual journey and they want to explore their past life memory. Some come to examine their current life. I work with them to heal past and present traumas.

People can sometimes come with problems that have developed in adulthood like phobias and panic attacks. Sometimes the source of these problems can be a residual trauma that has been carried from a previous life. I myself have done a past-life regression. This journey into my past life has really helped to reshape my current life. I worked out which connections I have in my current life that I also had in my previous life. That why the book I have written is called Hello Again… because I realised that at various points in my life, the people in my current life were present in previous lives I have lived.

I’ve always been conscious of the memories of my past life. In one of my past lives, I was an Austrian Jewish mother, living in Prague, at a pretty gruesome time, and I have some pretty gruesome memories from that life. I died in a German concentration camp. I was also a French revolutionary in another past life: it was important to clear a lot of trauma around that life as well. I was also a young carefree Irish monk in the 9th century. It is important to remember these lives, as there are things I carried from those lives into this one. I needed to offload these emotional traumas.

I have done so many past life regressions, and every single one is very interesting. But there is a common theme that recurs in way too many regressions, sadly. And they concern people who have died in wars, especially World War I and World War II. Many of the traumas that people experienced in these past lives is brought into current lives, and the symptoms of this can present as actual physical pain that remains undiagnosed for years.

I had a journalist come to visit me who had a very inquisitive mind, she had a past life as a part of a revolutionary movement in recent modern times, her descriptions were quite odd, not anything like what would usually be documented in history…In this life she was very young and did get killed during a protest, in what appeared to be Czechoslovakia in the 1950s. She investigated all the details and she was amazed to discover that she found evidence of this life and the activities of these revolutionaries took place.

There is a famous case where a child remembered his past life, remembered the time he lived in, his name, a wife and children, and that his family was killed in a car accident. By age 6-7 those past life memories fade. My own past life name I could remember at age 3 but not older. My stories were laughed off, but there came a time when I had to address my past life issues. If you believe in reincarnation, it goes hand-in-hand with exploring your past lives.

The source of a problem that you have can come from a past life. From a spiritual point of view you may have that trauma printed in your DNA. Many people say their lives have been changed for the better from releasing their unexplained pain and blockages in their past life regression session. From that feedback, I know people are hugely freed from trauma. My experience as a past life regression therapist has made me realise that all of us have these amazing stories inside us. What has stayed with me all through my life is an absolute knowing that this is one of many past and probable future lives. My life changed beyond recognition after my first past-life regressions. What came as an unexpected bonus in the years that followed was my ability to recognise the usual suspects; family, friends, lovers, enemies, all turning up in life after life, through centuries of time. The more this happens to me, the more I realise that this life is the most important because it is a powerful tool to rid myself of past pain and guilt, in the knowledge that as I move in time, my load becomes lighter.

Love never dies; it travels through time, as does pain and regret, anger and passion. The soul is on an unrelenting search for the ultimate healing goal of forgiveness. As mentioned previously, I was three years old when I started to tell my mother stories that always began with, “When I was a big woman…” She found these stories fascinating and amusing because they contained unusual words and expressions for a three-and-a-half year old. Some years ago, I questioned her about the first years of my life and she told me that people used to remark on what an unusual child I was. “People always thought you had a very unusual vocabulary for your age,” she told me.

My own recollection of telling these stories is of relating a serious and clear memory of what had happened to me when I was a big woman, I related details of what my life had been like, the number of children I had, events that occurred in this previous existence. My childlike awareness knew these stories amused and entertained the adults in my life but it was natural for me to recount stories that I just knew were true. I remember vividly how earnest I was in relating the detail of my life as a big woman, the children I cared for, the descriptions of my home and clothes along with details of walks with prams.

Most of my ‘big woman’ stories were of simple events and most of them focused on my children. These memories would come to me in special moments and then slip away as dolls and toy prams substituted the real ones of my memory. These days, children with past-life memories are more likely to get a hearing as there are many respected researchers documenting their stories. But when I was telling my ‘big woman’ stories, it was the late Fifties in Ireland and there was no one around me who believed in reincarnation let alone believed that I might be telling a true story.

Reincarnation is not a profound belief for me; it is a simple natural fact. We all end each day by closing our eyes to sleep sure in the knowledge that we will open them to wake in the morning. In exactly this way, I know this life will end and I will begin another life by being born again. Everything continues, for every action there is a reaction and actions we take in one life cause a reaction in others that follow. To quote my father as he lay ill in hospital the day before he died, he said to my sisters, “I suppose it’s back to the beginning now, I’ll have to go back to scratch again.” My father was a Catholic all his life, how interesting that in his last hours he was discovering what so many of us already know; that we have been here before and will be here again.

The past lives that I have remembered easily have all been relevant to particular circumstances and particular people in this my current life. I have looked to past life experiences, never just out of curiosity, but to help me solve problems in the here and now. The power of the past is the effect it has on us here in the present. These effects can be positive and negative, we integrate the positive so it helps us to move forward and we clear and release the negative to be happier in the present. ■


kathyKathy Gibbons was trained by a UK psychologist Andy Tomlinson, who is well known around the world and is the founder of the Past Life Regression Academy. Kathy also holds a BSE in Psychology. For an appointment with Kathie, log on to regressiontherapie.com. Her book Hello Again is available here.



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  1. I totally agree when you said that people can sometimes have issues with their present life or relationships which makes it hard for them to work it out due to their past. I guess I should have my past life checked and get it healed to help me out. It might be the cause of my anxiety which is getting worse since I was not able to go to work a couple of days now.

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