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With St Patrick’s day closing in on us fast, we need to brush up on our Irishisms. You know, the ones that our grandads used to bring out when faced with adversity…like during a storm on the Atlantic while smuggling goods in a currach. Or in a pub with no beer. This is especially required if you are overseas and trying to use your Irishness as a way to pull a non-Irish hottie.

While you may be Irish yourself, you could have no idea how to sound “quaintly Irish.” This is the brand of Irish that helps you to pull Canadians and Americans. And sometimes, Kiwis.

But now, you won’t need to hold your Irish one-liners in your head or wonder if they will be good enough on the spot. An Irishman called Ciaran Reilly has created an app called Ireland’s Greatest One Liners. The app is a little piece of Ireland in your pocket that is designed to give users a chance to plunge into the very unique Irish sense of humour. Irish people are famous all over the world for their legendary wit and rich culture. This app contains the most hilarious pearls of Irishisms. You’ll never have to experience an awkward silence again while pretending to be way more Irish than you are.

The ‘Ireland’s Greatest One Liners’ app contains lines that could only have been dreamt up in the mind of an Irishman. All the one-liners are delivered by Sean, a local Irish character from the west of Ireland who has all the best one-liners’ from down the years.

Says Ciaran Reilly, developer, “Ireland’s Greatest One Liners is a great app to share with friends in a bar, when making a toast at a party or a wedding, or even just to give oneself a quick laugh during the day. Over the years I’ve collected lots of very funny Irish one-liners and sayings from nights out with friends and relations from all over Ireland – usually at late night sing songs and storytelling sessions. I am delighted with the response. I hope that users get as much fun from this app as I had while putting it together.”

Ciaran Reilly is an Irish actor and writer and ‘Ireland’s Greatest One Liners’ is the first app that he has developed.

The app costs 99c. So you have to ask yourself, what do you want to spend your last euro on? An app that is probably not going to help you pull anyone except perhaps someone smuggling goods in a currach in the Atlantic? Or one fifth of a pint?

You can watch a video demo below.

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