Aquarians Win the Most Prize Bonds


So… any Aquarians want to buy prize bonds with me?

First of all, what are prize bonds? Here in Ireland, when the government wants to raise money, they sell prize bonds to their citizens. The citizen doesn’t earn interest on their prize bonds, however they go in the draw to win money in a lottery-style competition. Owners of prize bonds can exit the lottery at any time and get their money back on demand.

Out of pure curiosity, a British prize bond company called National Savings and Investments (NS&I) researched just which star sign won the most prize bonds one year.

The way they choose the winners of their lottery is using a robot called Ernie. ERNIE is an acronym for Electronic Random Number indicator Equipment and was first switched on in 1957. There have been many Ernies since 1957, each one more advanced than the last. So what star sign did Ernie favour in the year the survey was done?

Aquarians, who include pop star Robbie Williams, side-stepped Gemini to become the luckiest zodiac sign. In the year of the study, people born under the sign of Aquarius were luckier than any other zodiac sign when it came to winning Premium Bond prizes. Aquarians scooped around one Premium Bond prize in every seven of the thousands given away and collectively won around £112,000 more than the next luckiest star sign.

Party animal Gemini were the second luckiest (along with passionate Aries and creative Virgos). That kind of luck, combined with their outgoing nature, bodes well for friends and family who stand to be treated to meals out, new clothes or perhaps even a holiday with the winnings.


Fiery Sagittarians are still not reaping the rewards of being ruled by the planet of luck, Jupiter, as they were amongst those at the bottom in the luck stakes. With ERNIE awarding them only one prize in every 50, it seems that Jupiter’s influence over abundance, expansion and growth is failing to shape the state of their finances.

If you have an Aquarian partner, you may want to invest in prize bonds… and then be nice to them. It might just pay off.

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