Asylum in Ireland: Gripping Scenarios of Getting Loved Ones to Safety


Asylum in IrelandAs the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, Ukrainians find themselves on the run, seeking asylum. We follow what has been happening on Twitter and how it relates to Ireland.

Irish-based Twitter exec, Anton Krason, has expressed his worries about his parents and in-laws. On Twitter, in a heart-grabbing tweet, Anton says, “My parents have made it to Poland after walking 15 km for more than 20 hours. They are now being transported to Warsaw and will fly to Ireland next. If someone has experience with the asylum-seeking process here – let me know.”

Asylum in IrelandAbout his in-laws, he said, “Inga’s parents are stuck near Odessa – no gas and not even safe to drive further.”

Asylum in Ireland: Politicians Step in

Senator Fiona O’Laughlin of Fianna Fáil answered his request for help. She is the current Chair of Oireachtas women’s caucus and the leader of the Irish delegation to the Council of Europe.Asylum in IrelandIn a Tweeted reply, she said, “Anton, visas for Ireland have been waived. The process is being worked out now. I am presently on a call with the council of Europe, trying to work out other ways we can help. Send me your contact email and phone number, and I will link in with you.” Later, O’Laughlin reported that “Myself and Anton are in communication, and I can say that he’s overwhelmed by so many messages offering help from many different quarters. Sometimes at the worst of times, we also see the best of humanity.”

Helen McEntee, TD, was also supportive. She said in a Tweet, “I am appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand with the Ukrainian people, and we will play our part in assisting them in their time of need. That’s why I am immediately lifting visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland. This will apply to all Ukrainians.” Here is it in official speak:

Asylum in Ireland

Taoiseach Micheál Martin confirmed the move. He said, “We believe this will be helpful to Ukrainian families here who may want their loved ones to join them. There will be a significant migration issue arising from these attacks, we will have to play our part in helping those who will have to flee Ukraine, and we do that in solidarity with our European colleagues.”

Asylum in Ireland: Other Ideas

Other ideas on social media were floated.Other countries have also offered shelter, including USA and Canada. Søren Pind, Danish Minister for Development, said, “The Danish borders are open. They will be welcomed and treated with all due respect and kindness.”A journalist for the BBC, Pádraig Belton, said,On a dark, sad day, a rare joy is Ireland waiving visa requirements for citizens of Ukraine. We are a diasporic country. It suits us to put some truth in the phrase Ireland of the welcomes.”

Asylum in Ireland: Other Stories

Former Politician Barbara Cannon said, “My son-in-law is hoping his parents and sister get to Poland so he can get them to Sweden where he lives. They have just made a train out of Kyiv, having struggled to get there on foot.”

Garry Kasparov, Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and World Chess Champion, said, “Ok, after years of warnings were ignored and hearing ‘Garry, you were right!’ all damn day today, I’ll repeat what I said in 2014. Stop telling me I was right and listen to what I’m saying now. My recommendations:

-Support Ukraine militarily, immediately, everything but boots on the ground. All weapons, intel, cyber.

-Bankrupt Putin’s war machine. Freeze & seize Russia’s finances & those of him and his gang.-Kick Russia out of every intl & financial institution. PACE, Interpol, etc

-Recall all ambassadors from Russia. There is no point in talking. The new unified message is “stop or be isolated completely.”

-Ban all elements of Putin’s global propaganda machine. Turn them off, shut them down, send them home. Stop helping the dictator spread lies & hate.

-Expose and act against Putin’s lackeys in the free world. If Schröder and his ilk continue to work for Putin, bring charges. Ask the owners & advertisers of networks platforming Putin propagandists like Carlson why they allow it.

-Replace Russian oil & gas. Pressure OPEC, increase production, reopen Keystone. You can’t save the planet if you don’t save the people on it.

-Acknowledge there will be cost sacrifices. We waited too long, the price is high, but it will only get higher. It’s time to fight.

Latest Developments

Currently, Anton is working on a peer-to-peer app for those looking to escape to Ireland. Anton says more people will need help. “I am working on a simple app/ web page now where we could systemise all support Ireland and Irish people can provide to Ukrainian people.”

If you are a developer who can help, send a Twitter message here.

We hope this will all be over soon. You are welcome in Ireland, Ukrainians!


We have plenty of times in our history where the Irish have needed shelter from other nations. Let’s hope we can return the gesture.

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