Old Moore’s Talks To Joe About Our Virus Prediction For 2020


Back in April, as Ireland went into lockdown in its battle against Covid-19, Old Moore’s editor talked to RTE’s Joe Duffy about our psychic’s 2020 virus prediction.

Who could have known a virus would be big news in 2020? Or that more and more people would work from home? Old Moore’s psychic did, as it turns out. How did he know? That’s the million dollar question, but he won’t reveal his secrets.

In his predictions for this year, which appear exclusively in Old Moore’s Almanac, our psychic foresaw “an unusual virus” in 2020 that “has people worried”; he also predicted that “more and more people will work from home”.  Listen to Old Moore’s editor talking to Joe Duffy about these predictions in the clip below.

Our psychic foresaw other events in 2020 that seem related to his virus prediction. He said that “2020 will be a turbulent year with rising food prices, public protests and clashes between political extremists”. We’ve certainly had something resembling that, although with food hoarding and panic buying rather than price increases. He also saw something interesting where 5G is concerned: “issues with the technology will generate an unexpected backlash”.

So what else might 2020 have in store for us? According to our guy “a global recession is coming” so get ready for talk of budget cuts and tightening our belts. It’s not all bad news, however, because our psychic also thinks that Donald Trump will not be re-elected and that “shorter working weeks are on the way”. Roll on the three day working week for everyone.

Want to find out more about our psychic’s predictions? Read more about what he expects for 2020 or check out his form over the last ten years. Our psychic returns with another look ahead in our 2021 issue, which will, of course, include his latest prediction related to the virus. Register your interest here, and we’ll let you know when it’s on sale.

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  1. Statements made on this webpage as to Old Moore’s Almanac (OMA) psychic 2020 predictions stated Trump “will not be re-elected” or “will be defeated” (interview). But the OMA 2020 predictions indicated Trump would “not serve a second term.” Not serving a second term can mean that Trump is not re-elected but it can also mean he gets elected but doesn’t serve a full term. For example, Trump could get impeached in the House of Representatives and convicted in the Senate. My question is did the psychic mean Trump won’t get re-elected.

    • Hi Barry, our psychic’s exact words on the matter were this: “Trump will not serve a second term. His fate is sealed in an unusual twist, although he does not go quietly.” This would seem to suggest that our psychic doesn’t expect Trump to be re-elected.

  2. So interesting, enjoyed listening to the radio interview, Joe is quite the sceptic, I think your psychic is brilliant for predicting so much correctly! Super. I will keep my eye out for the 2021 edition.

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