Ways to Die in Game of Thrones


By Nicole Buckler


For those of us who are Game of Thrones fans, we cannot wait for the next series six to hit our screens. You can see it on Sky Atlantic, and if you don’t have this channel, then you can pay per episode to see it on Amazon. You can buy the box set, or, you can borrow the box sets from your local library. But get on the library website and book it in advance, because demand is heavy. While the waiting times look long: don’t be discouraged. People binge-watch this like their lives depend on it and you’ll get your turn in no time. Just Game of Thrones and Chill, dudes, and all will be well across the Narrow Seas.

Finally, you could just pirate it like millions of others have… For four years straight, Game of Thrones has topped the list of the most pirated TV shows of all time. Ireland has had many famous pirates in its history, and you can be one too. Although let’s just remember what happened to most of Ireland’s pirates. Those peg legs didn’t start appearing out of nowhere…

And the reason why Game of Thrones should be on your watch-list? Because vast tracts of it were filmed in Northern Ireland. But you already knew that.


There are many ways to die in Game of Thrones. All are very creative and almost make you want to get a longsword to the spleen by a hot, one-armed heir who has had several children with his full-blood sister.

But here are some other ways to die Game-of-Thrones stylee:

-Falling to your death from a moon door


-Sword through the skull

-A dagger to the face

-Getting poisoned at your own wedding

-Getting your head squashed like an exploding watermelon with some huge giant’s bare hands

-Getting shot by your crossbow-wielding son while you’re sitting the toilet in your own damn castle

-A trial by combat, having one’s blood splattered all over the fingers of one’s opponent

-Getting eaten and turned into a White Walker by a White Walker.

I could go on, but I will refrain in case you are on an earlier series and no one you have got emotionally involved with has been eaten by a dragon yet. Let’s face it, George RR Martin is fiction’s greatest serial killer and has been known to spring a few surprises on us. Nobody is safe.

It’s game on people. Grab some ale, a comfy spot, and your remote. Let’s see who makes it out alive despite having to do a nudy walk through town.


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