A Wireless Device That Lets Anglers See the Fish Before Catching Them


For fishing fans, here’s something cool: a new device will allow you to see the fish as they swim around your bait. You’ll be able to judge immediately whether they are loving your bait, or totally not loving it. And, if you have kids, you can throw the FanCam into a river and just let them watch the fish doing their thing, without pulling the fish out of a stream by their lips.


Calling the Fishing FanCam, it is designed to observe the fish in its natural environment. Anglers can watch their intended prey in real time by broadcasting video in HD quality to their mobile device. It gives anglers the opportunity to maximise their experience and participation in their beloved hobby.


The Fishing FanCam is a fully autonomous wireless device in a floating, waterproof case. It comes with a Micro SD card storage, HD camera, Li-ion battery and built-in microphone. This high tech device is accompanied with a mobile app that enables users to control streaming, save the videos and share their experience with their friends.

The Fishing FanCam is ideal for fly fishing or spinning fishing, because it enables you to see whether fish are interested in your bait in real time. And there is no need for a wi-fi connection. You simply install the battery in the float and it instantly creates a wi-fi access point. Connect to the wi-fi installed network Fishing FanCam, launch the application and immediately start seeing the live video.

Here is a short clip explaining the device.

ea78973ce088c08deb9350238a9b12ab_originalAnton Khazov, CEO of Fishing FanCam, explains, “Our team of experts spent hundreds of hours on prototypes and pre-production samples in order to deliver a totally reliable device that all anglers will love. Now, our first 250 pieces are ready to go to production.”

I know the hard core anglers out there have some questions: here are the answers: If the string cuts during fishing, the device will remain afloat and you can get it. The camera does not need a special filter, the picture underwater looks like what you would see with goggles. And yes, they are working on the idea of a night light, so you can spy on fish after sunset.

The crowdfunding campaign to support its development has started. However there has been some holdups in production, so keep an eye on the facebook page for developments.

If you do buy one of these and gets some good footage, then you are required to email it in to us at once!

Happy fishing, people!


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