Move Over Black Pudding, There’s a New Irish Sausage in Town


By Nicole Buckler

There’s nothing more Irish than a post-lock-in breakfast fry. And now there is a new component to said fry. It promises to be an interesting add-on to the vastly medicinal meal. Let’s face it, it’s going to be our salvation during the horrors of dry mouth and post-drinking fear.

Makers of the new Guinness Sausage say it “captures the smooth, intense taste and unparalleled depth of Guinness stout in every bite.” Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I love a good sausage. And I am quite partial to the occasional stout. So to combine Guinness and the almighty pig? Well that has to be right up there with chocolate wine and porter-beer cheese. I’m going to say it, because you are thinking it. It might be better than sex.

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Nom nom nom.

So I hear you saying, “WHO MAKES THIS STOUT SAUSAGE YOU SPEAK OF?” Loughnane’s is a third-generation artisan sausage and pudding producer based in Galway City. They have been producing sausages in the West of Ireland for generations.

Loughnane’s sausages have appeared on the menu at the Guinness Storehouse for the past 8 years. But now these pintey meats are available at retailers outside the Guinness Storehouse. This is so general plebs like you and me can now buy them. And I know from vast experience that a greasy alcohol-infused pork torpedo is the only way out of the painful labyrinth that is a weekend aftershock.

Two flavours have hit the supermarkets – Guinness Stout and Leek, and Guinness Stout and Onion. Of course, you are fully encouraged to consume them with a pint of Guinness. This may or may not be a good idea at 11am on a Sunday. I’m thinking no. But others will say yes. Let the hair-of-the-dog argument rage on.

“When producing this product we really wanted to focus on the taste,” claims Daire Loughnane, Sean Loughnane’s Managing Director. “A great Irish pork sausage at the heart of it, we decided to go for a large meaty sausage, it’s what the customers want. To date, the majority of our business has been in Ireland. But with the strength of the Guinness brand we hope to attract UK customers through major UK retailers.”

Guinness added, “It’s great that the brand can be consumed in such a wide variety of formats.” I like consuming Guinness sausages other formats too, like in bed, on the couch, or in the bathtub. It’s all good. Wherever you can be without throwing up is a grand plan.

The Guinness Sausages are available in Dunnes Stores, Supervalu, and Tesco, and in the UK, in Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s.

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