Here are some future visions by our psychic “Old Moore.”


Many of you follow our pages and are stumped when our predictions come true! And many of you know that we have an inhouse psychic who makes these predictions for us. He likes to fly under the radar, not revealing his identity. However he is becoming more famous as his predictions get wider notice. Here, we interview him about the far away future. He explains to us some of his amazing visions.

I see so many positive things for the future, one area which will be fascinating to us is in the medical field. Bionic body parts will be completely normal. Lose an eye? Here is a bionic one!  However at this time scientists will have worked out how to regenerate limbs and organs. Disability is fast becoming a thing of the past in this era. I see the name “remorphic” so whether that is a company name or a process, they will be the people you see when you lose a leg!

There are also exciting developments in the area of media. Traditional TV will be gone and so too all of the channels. Instead your own device will be programmed to what you like and you can choose any type of entertainment from any provider across the world.

Advertising is also changing fast. Your device will be holographic, and ads will be shown as holographic images. Also traditional billboard advertising will give way to holograms in the street, in fact in some places you will be able to walk through the holograms! So companies will try to convince us of their products by putting holograms everywhere, from supermarkets, to streets, to hotels. There will be hologram-free places however, like in parks and nature reserves.

While Australia and Africa struggle with life-altering extreme heatwaves, the Arctic will see new interest. It will be fully ice free by 2050 and will become a hub for mining and shipping. Iceland will see knock-on effects from this and humans will be attracted to the region by a banking and finance sector. Many islands of the arctic are now seeing human life spring up on them as they become more habitable.

A colony has been firmly established on Mars and terraforming and mining has begun. People from earth watch in fascination as humans create an ongoing show around life there. The base grows quickly and is seen as a new wild frontier. The human body however has some problems at the start: there will be bone problems and heart problems for most colonists. But this will eventually be solved. It will be fascinating viewing.

This era, after 2050, will see the end of the oil era. But renewable energies have been cheaper and cleaner and up and running for decades, so there isn’t a lot of pain in the changeover. It does however put a few economies at risk: Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA and Iran. These countries have worked hard at providing new incomes; Iran will find the changeover the most fraught with difficulties.

Overall I see beyond 2050 as an era for radical medical breakthroughs, clean energy, Mars settlement, and a changing weather system which bring both opportunity and loss.

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