There is Now Irish Workout Gear for When Your Exercise on St Patrick’s Day


Working out on St Patrick’s Day? Well now you can look the part in this workout gear. Of course, no one in Ireland would ever be caught dead in this stuff, even on Paddy’s Day. But for those Americans who love to go large on everything, this is perfect.

This lucky clover workout gear is being hawked in the name of Paddy’s Day. As Saint Patrick’s Day draws near, fashion enthusiasts are seeking creative ways to show their Irish spirit.

The Saint Patrick’s Day-themed leggings, called “Lucky Clover Leggings” and a sports bra, called, “Happy St Patrick’s Day Sports Bra”, has been sewn for fitness enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike.

Stretchy is Bestie

The manufacturers say that “the Lucky Clover Leggings and Happy St Patrick’s Day Sports Bra are made from high-quality, moisture-wicking materials, ensuring you stay cool and dry during any workout. The leggings feature a stunning green lucky clover pattern, while the sports bra boasts a sleek, black design with a pop of green St Patrick’s day symbols of a pot of gold, rainbow, and lucky clover along with the words, Happy St Patrick’s Day. The two pieces can be worn together for a cohesive Saint Patrick’s Day look, or separately to add a touch of Irish spirit to any outfit.”

Irish ireland st patrick's day paddy's day patty's day

Okay no one here in Ireland will be doing that, but you Americans go hard, okay? We will support you from afar.

Rita Farruggia, Founder of who manufacture the gear said, “Our leggings and sports bra are not only perfect for working out, but they’re also great for running errands or hanging out with friends.”

Please do not hang out with any Irish people in those leggings whilst in Ireland, but the gym in America? Yes do that.

Irish ireland st patrick's day paddy's day Patty's Day

The Saint Patrick’s Day-themed leggings and sports bra are available in a range of sizes, from XS to XXL. They will fit everyone while you shake your shamrock.

If you go golfing on Paddy’s Day, check this out. 

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