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By Nicole Buckler


Loudmouth Erin Go Bragh Men’s Pant

Okay so for those of you who play golf, we know golfing clothes can get a little weird. But if you are at the club all the time, some of these fashions start to seem normal. And, next thing you know, for St Patrick’s Day, you are wearing these fine threads as daywear. And we fully encourage this decision.

Sporting apparel company Loudmouth have released a set of golfing outfits to wear on St Patrick’s Day. And when you first lay eyes on them, you will feel an intolerable urge to buy them at once. You’ll be screaming TAKE MY MONEY… TAKE MY WHOLE WALLET… TAKE THE SOUL OF MY NEXT BORN CHILD… TAKE IT ALL! JUST GIVE ME THOSE DAMN TROUSERS.

In fact, forget golf; just go out in these clothes. I don’t even play golf and the skirt is already on its way. I WILL BE WEARING IT ON MARCH 17 AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

This new line of Irish golfing fashion greatness has been named Erin Go Bragh. (For the uninitiated, Erin go Bragh is the Anglicisation of the Irish language phrase, Éirinn go Brách, and is used to express allegiance to Ireland. It is most often translated as “Ireland Forever.”)


Loudmouth Erin Go Bragh Women’s Skort

Combining all the elements of a great party, good looking Irish people, beer and a little luck, these pants are the perfect choice to wear while painting the town green.

Erin Go Bragh mixes two of our most popular designs, pin up girls and shamrocks,” says Loudmouth Founder and Designer, Woody. “Both designs have been some of our best sellers, so this year we put them together on the same pair of pants.”

In addition to Erin Go Bragh, Loudmouth also offers two other St. Patrick’s Day patterns, Shamrocks and Shamrocks II. All three patterns are now available in both men’s and women’s silhouettes including pants, shorts, skorts, sport coats, and vests.


Erin Go Bragh Women’s Blazer

So, dear reader, you know you must have these. But you’ll have to beat me, and none of my credit cards are maxxed out….yet… and then YES you can go to the ball.


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