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Dad Is Clearly #2 to Mam…

According to a recent survey, Dads are getting totally ripped off on father’s day. A company called IPG Mediabrands ran around surveying people recently about Father’s Day. And the results are in.

Of the people surveyed, only 45% plan to buy a father’s day gift. While around two thirds thought that it was important to honour your father, less than half actually planned to buy anything for poor old Dad. But ask those same people whether they would buy something for mother’s day and they are appalled that you would even ask. “OF COURSE I would buy something for my mother on mother’s day!”

Of those people that buy a present for both mam and dad, they spend dramatically less on Dad.

So why are Dads so hard to buy presents for? While Dad doesn’t want a naff tie or some stupid socks, we are all stumped as to what to buy our poor old dads. What do modern Irish dads want for feck’s sake? WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!

We did a small survey of what Irish Dads want…

Bill, 28

“I would like to go away for the weekend with my family and have a personal butler do everything for me and my wife so we could just enjoy our family without having to clean up cereal from the floor and stop them from wiping snot on the sofa.”

Stephen, 46:

“I would love a weekend away (with the wife but NO KIDS even though it’s for father’s day!) doing cool stuff, like seeing a latest Sci-fi movie, eating in a great restaurant, maybe doing some activity like quad biking or something like that. The point is for the kids to say thanks for being a good dad. But I don’t want to deal with all their stuff again! So I would like to leave the kids at home!”

Aodhan, 35.

“I would like to be sent to a whiskey festival with my mates, and get a free pass to come home horribly drunk and not have to clean up after myself if I throw up. Also, I want to have a gross greasy take-away meal ready for me when I get in (after the kids are in bed of course) and eat in in peace while my wife looks at me adoringly…but not speaking.”

John W. 43

“I would like a sleep-in for sure or a nap during the day. Ideally fishing without baiting, casting, winding and untangling for all the kids. And maybe a game of football without interruption. Possibly with mates.”

John, 40

“I would like to get things I tend to buy for myself (I have to!). I would be happy to receive a Game of Thrones box set or a nice bottle of whiskey.”

Brendan, 26

I would like for my wife to become a pole dancer for the day and have me as her exclusive audience. The kids of course, will be at Granny’s gaff.

Ciaran, 28

“I would like a carton of beer and the remote and to be left alone. And I would like to be brought food every hour to two hours.”

Kenneth, 49

“I would like to go for a ride in the country on my bike and stop at several pubs on the way. No kids.”

Geoffrey, 42

“I would like to watch all five seasons of Game of Thrones in a day with my children bringing me beer and peanuts at every break after each episode.”

Frank, 38

“I would like all of my house renovations to be finished by father’s day and to have to roof stop leaking. And some cider.”

So baby mammas, it looks like you have your gift suggestion. Get your parents to take the kids for the weekend and have a weekend of peace. Throw in beer and a takeaway and you are onto a winner. Plus, Game of Thrones must feature. Get on it.

Do you have a special request for father’s day? Leave it in the comments below.


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