Old Moore Predicts the Ohio Train Crash and Aliens in the 2023 Edition of the Almanac


Old Moore’s Almanac has done it again. Old Moore, our resident psychic, predicted that a train crash would make news this year, and he also predicted that there would be alien stories. Even more strange is that many people are saying that these two stories are connected.


Above:  In the 2023 Old Moore’s Almanac, Old Moore predicted a train incident would be in the news.

What Happened in Ohio?

Residents of the small Ohio town of East Palestine are still demanding answers weeks after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed. The train was carrying dangerous chemicals, including vinyl chloride, which is used to make PVC plastic and vinyl products and is a known carcinogen.

The controlled burn of the chemical spawned an apocalyptic plume of smoke over East Palestine, with many people comparing the images to a disaster film. Residents have been complaining of headaches, burning eyes and sore throats, while dead fish have been found in nearby creeks.

Above: Drone image of the accident scene by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Governor Mike DeWine has confirmed that air quality in the town is safe, but residents near the spill site should drink bottled water as a precaution, and contaminated soil is being removed. Nevertheless, there is a disconnect between what some residents are reporting and the reassurances given by officials.

Environmental and health experts have also questioned whether the site is truly safe, and social media sleuths have claimed that officials are not telling residents the whole story.

Old Moore and Aliens in the News

Strangely, Old Moore also predicted that Aliens would be in the news. That has also happened. The United States shot down two unidentified objects, first in Alaska and then over Lake Huron. Many say that they were Chinese spy balloons. Some say they are aliens.

Now there are some conspiracy theories that the alien stories are being generated by the government to distract people from just how bad the train derailment really is.

Many prominent figures are sharing suspicions that the train derailment is being covered up.  Podcaster Stew Peters called  the objects “fake UFOs.”

Peters said on his podcast, “There’s a real-life toxic firebomb, cancer-causing gas explosion, mushroom cloud train wreck in Ohio, and it’s crickets from the media. But they sure are all over the pretend UFOs.”

Another podcaster, Jack Posobiec, said, “The government and media are pressing the anxiety button over and over on their UFO narrative. They’re using it to prime the public for government action to ‘do something.’ Once you understand this playbook you see it over and over.” 

It is already a very strange year, and Old Moore reassures us that there are many more strange things to come in 2023. Buckle up, Almanac fans!

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