Old Moore Predicted a Bank Run in 2023, and that CBDCs are Coming


Old Moore has done it again. In the 2023 edition, he predicted a “run on banks.”

The famous future-seer said, “There is a controlled demolition of economies around the world in real-time. A banking crisis is coming and there may be a run on the banks, this is across the world.

This actually happened last week.

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which provided services to innovation-focused companies, collapsed, causing a crisis in the banking industry.

The new CEO of Silicon Valley Bridge Bank, Tim Mayopoulos, asked customers to keep their money at the bank or return it if they had taken it out.

The bank run began on March 8, and by March 10, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation had closed SVB as it could not continue operating. The bank contagion started to spread, meaning that people started drawing their money out of other banks too, leaving the banks unable to operate. So far, the US government has stepped in, but it might be too late — the market is already spooked.

Ireland’s banks seem to be fine for now, but tomorrow is another day.

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Old Moore predicts a great reset

Old Moore also predicted that “2023 will be remembered as the “great reset.”  He also predicted a recession… “But not only a recession, a total reordering of the world and how finances work. Banks and governments failed the people, as have big pharma and corporations.”

There are many conspiracy theories around now that say that this is all happening so that governments can push people into using central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs.


Old Moore actually predicted this in the 2023 edition, saying, “Digital currencies issued by central banks are coming.”

What is a CBDC?

A CBDC, or Central Bank Digital Currency, is a type of digital money that is created and backed by a country’s central bank.

Just like physical money, CBDC can be used to buy things or transfer money to other people, but it’s all done digitally through the internet.

Think of it like the money you have in your bank account, but instead of being held by a commercial bank, it’s backed directly by the government.

One of the benefits of CBDC is that it can make transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure. Plus, since it’s backed by the government, people might have more trust in it than other digital currencies that aren’t backed by any authority.

However, CBDC is still a relatively new concept, and there are still questions and debates about how it would work and whether it would be a good idea to implement it.

One concern is related to privacy. CBDCs are digital currencies, which means that every transaction can potentially be recorded and monitored by the central authority that controls the currency. This could compromise people’s privacy if the central authority abuses its power or if the data is hacked by malicious actors.

CBDCs could potentially lead to a “cashless society,” where physical cash is no longer accepted or used. This could be a problem for people who do not have access to digital payment systems or who prefer to use cash for various reasons.


We will keep an eye on other predations in the 2023 edition.

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