Psychic Predictions for the Year 2058


An interview with Old Moore about what is to come 40 years from now.


Many of you follow our pages and are stumped when our predictions come true! And many of you know that we have an inhouse psychic who makes these predictions for us. He likes to fly under the radar, not revealing his identity. However he is becoming more famous as his predictions get wider notice. Here, he explains to us some of his amazing visions.

So what do the next few decades have in store for us irresponsible and amazing humans?

Around the 2040 mark, I see robots (like in the Jetsons) becoming a very real part of our lives. In the same way that smart phones are our constant companions, robots will be our companions of the future. At first there will be fear and mistrust (a lot like when mobile phones came onto the market and yuppies made them look bad for everyone). But people will come around really quickly.  Robots will have cute names too, there will be different competing models which will be loads of fun, much like the Apple vs Android debate now. Like cars, what robot you have will tell people about your social status. I see the name “Niffy” or “Nuffy”, and it will be a popular model from Japan that will help with the elderly. The elderly will feel safe with these companions. It will lift them, explain things to them, get things for them and aid them in walking around.

Of course there will be racier models made for singletons, and we will hear a lot about that, but then it will just become normal over time. And as the birth rate drops, and people marry less, these robots will provide sexual company for those who choose to live alone. Safe sex all the way!

This will lead to lawyers entering a new field call AI law (Artificial intelligence). So if your robot malfunctions and throws all your tennis balls at passing flying cars, then you might be responsible. Better get your AI lawyer on the line. Fun times.

All robots will have their own source of wifi to connect with both you and the world. It will record all of your medical data and alert you when you are getting sick. They will be self-powered and won’t need recharging but I am having trouble seeing how… I am being shown something that I have never seen before and I don’t know what it means. But they will be self-powered, this much I know.

Of course, there won’t be factory jobs anymore, it will all be automated. Cars or should I say transport pods will be self-guided to your destination, just sit back and relax and they spew out nothing into the air, yes it will be clean power. Hallelujah!

There will be many robots developed for warfare, however, but as time passes humans will see the futility of war and move away from this evil part of life.

What about the weather? Is global warming real?

The weather in a few decades will be very worrying. Not worrying in the way that your car might get washed away, but worrying in that it will be so wild that food supplies are in danger and people can’t work. This is serious stuff. It is a country-by-country lottery and hard to predict. Heat stress will be a big phrase around 2040. Australia and Africa are in for a particularly rough ride. Many buildings will be constructed for life lived completely indoors, where temperature is completely controlled for all of life. Buildings will all be connected to each other in cities, in places like Australia where it will be dangerous to walk around in the midday sun.

As such, snow will be a quaint memory of the past in many places. Skiiing will take place indoors and be seen as a dying sport. That said, solar power plants will spring up all over the world, and we will have more clean energy than ever before. The traditional wine industry will collapse, and bottles of wine left will become as valuable as famous works of art. Hold on to those special bottles you have in your cellar. Of course, alcoholic beverages will live on, and there will be new varieties, but current-day wine will be long gone by 2040. You’ll be telling your grandkids that you drank 5-euro bottles of wine in your sitting room every other night and they will fall over in disbelief!

The warmer weather will make Russia the place to be. The government there will change to a more open one. Buy land there now and in 40 years you’ll cash in! Well not that there WILL be cash anymore…



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