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Future Medicine is predicted to take some fascinating turns. Anthony Woods shares some of the possibilities with us.

Future medicine

Prevention is better than cure but it doesn’t pay as well!

Future medicine

Bacteria were the first lifeforms on earth. These ancient microbes consumed sulphur. They emitted hydrogen sulphide, a gas that gives off a ‘rotten egg’ odour that is poisonous to humans.

As life evolved on early earth, cyanobacteria emerged. They are the blue-green algae – microscopic organisms found naturally in all types of water. Cyanobacteria created the oxygen-rich atmosphere that all complex life needs to survive.

Future medicine and Complex Lifeforms

Around 3.5 billion years ago, these single-celled organisms evolved into ‘multi celled’ complex lifeforms. Around 500 million years ago, they evolved into plants and animals.

Man has only arrived on earth in the blink of an evolutionary eye. All life on earth is descended from microbes. So it makes sense that there are more microbes in the human body than there are cells. In the process of evolution, nature doesn’t throw old things away. It simply builds new layers on top of the old. So, the human body contains the remnants of all that went before.

Only 1.5% of the human genome is coding DNA, the remaining 98.5% is non-coding. It is often called Junk DNA, because scientists originally thought it had no purpose. But! Now, they are quickly learning of its critical importance to the functions of a cell. There is a lot more to Junk DNA than meets the eye. Put simply, human Junk DNA contains the DNA of all the lifeforms that went before us in the evolutionary chain – the apes, reptiles, fish and all primitive lifeforms right back to the sulphur-breathing bacteria.

Future medicine

The Cancer Connection

Cancer is one of the greatest scourges to humans and it seems to be increasing. Just like bacteria, cancer cells grow uncontrollably. And, there is another very interesting observation: Cancer cells contain and release sulphur – just like sulphur based bacteria.

We contain the DNA of those that went before us – right back to the earliest sulphur bacteria. It seems that in the case of cancer, this ancient DNA is somehow being triggered and reawakened. The DNA of a previously healthy ‘oxygen’ cell is being triggered to revert backwards to a ‘sulphur’ cell. This observation may hold a clue to unravelling the mystery of cancer and developing effective treatments.

This observation could lead to tremendous breakthroughs. It seems likely that by studying the nature of sulphur cells, cancer specialists would gain insights that could help defeat the disease.


Similarly, perhaps we will discover that most illness is caused by a regression to more primitive state, that a healthy cell is in ‘advanced human mode’ while a sick cell is in ‘primitive animal mode.’

If the primitive DNA has been reawakened… maybe the most effective treatment would be to understand these primitive stages and develop relevant treatments for each stage. In other words, if we established what exact ‘stage’ the cell had regressed to, we could develop stage-specific treatments.

In certain industries extreme bacteria are used to clean up toxic chemical pollution. Perhaps we will discover that this is what’s happening inside a sick body. Do certain pollutants – when inside the human body – trigger primitive bacterial DNA to reawaken? Does it do this as the body attempts to deal with the pollution using the only tool at its disposal – primitive DNA? We may even find that unless dissolved, extremely traumatic memories trigger extreme DNA.

Future medicine

Future Medicine and Microbes

Staying in the microbial world let us quickly turn to the medical revolution caused by Penicillin almost a century ago. This one medicine has probably saved more lives than any other in the history of mankind.

Penicillin was made from 2 types of fungi – the moulds P. chrysogenum and P. rubens. Most of our modern medicine is derived from microbes, particularly soil microbes – the same microbes found in the food we eat. The old saying ‘let they food be thy medicine’ is as true today as it was when these words were first spoken. Whether you like it or not, every time you eat food you also ingest billions of microbes. If the soil is healthy and organic you will ingest useful health-promoting microbes. Conversely, maybe you eat food grown in chemical-rich nutrient poor soil that has been drenched in pesticides, fungicides and whatever other chemicals happened to be lying around. You can be sure you are not getting the health-promoting nutrients or microbes that your body needs.

Our microbiome (the trillions of microbes that live inside us at all times) is essential to our health. There are more microbes in the human body than there are cells. Throughout history viruses have been an even bigger threat to humans than cancer. Spanish flu killed hundreds of millions. Smallpox killed millions as did AIDS and there are thousands of other examples of the virus scourge.

Future Medicine and Covid

Unlike bacteria, viruses are extremely hard to kill as proved by the ongoing pandemic. Coronavirus has bought our modern world to its knees. There is not a country, town or village on the planet that is not at war with this deadly disease. It’s a global battle against an invisible enemy with no respect for human life, institutions or borders.

The difficulty with fighting Covid-19 is that it’s a virus, not a bacteria. While bacterial diseases can be treated with antibiotics such as Penicillin, viruses cannot. It’s virtually impossible to kill a virus without also killing the cell it infects. Modern antiviral medicines may suppress viruses, but they don’t kill them. Shellshocked governments around the world are understandably focused on vaccines. However, vaccines alone won’t end the pandemic – medicine is badly needed. Vaccines will slow the spread of the virus, but medicines are still needed to stop it. If a breakthrough medicine was developed that could kill the virus, the pandemic would end quickly and a new age of medicine would be born.

The word virus literally means ‘poison’ and the cure for any poison is its antidote. In order to end this pandemic, we need to develop an antidote, a medicine that can kill coronavirus. As a species we are faced with a choice – either learn how to kill the virus or learn how to live with it.

Annoying Viruses

As strange as it may sound a virus is extremely hard to kill because it is not actually alive – it’s like a little zombie that hijacks living cells to create even more zombies. We need to outsmart the virus and perhaps the answer was recently found in the Atlantic ocean. Just a few months ago a team of scientists exploring the Atlantic made a remarkable discovery – microbes that kill and eat viruses. For the first time ever, humans have found something that can actually kill a virus – two little known marine protists called Choanozoan and Picozoan. Perhaps these microbes can be used to create a medicine that kills coronavirus.

The discovery of Penicillin revolutionised global medicine and saved millions of lives. It was produced using two microbes – Penicillium Chrysogenum and Penicillium Rubens. Most of our modern antibiotics are created using microbes. Perhaps the two recently discovered microbes – Choanozoan and Picozoan – could be used in a similar manner to create the medicine needed to permanently end the pandemic.

Let’s Test  It

This theory is my own original work and could easily be proven or disproven with very little cost. Results could be produced in a matter of weeks. If the tests proved successful, enough microbes to treat the entire planet could be grown rapidly and cheaply. A tablet could be produced for less than a dollar. If this theory is proven correct, the new medicines developed could also be used to treat many other viruses.

So, will this theory work? There is only one way to find out. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, according to Victor Hugo.


All cells have a frequency. Healthy cells have a particular frequency as do sick ones. In the sci-fi movie Elysium, there are super-advanced healing pods that cures cancer instantly using harmonic energy waves. The entire universe is made out of energy which carries information. It seems that over the next few centuries energy waves (both sound and light) will be used to treat serious diseases and promote wellness by sending the correct signals to the cells.

Musical Healing

In music there is a phenomenon called sympathetic or harmonic resonance. For example, if you strike the C key on a piano the other C notes instantly start vibrating even though you haven’t touched them. Because both notes are on the same frequency they tune into each other – they resonate. There can be no question that music moves us and perhaps specific frequencies can be used to heal cells.

It’s not much of a stretch to imagine a medical device that sends ‘healthy resonating frequencies’ to a cell that signals it to heal. While this idea may be a little too futuristic for some, it’s where medicine will inevitably go over the next few generations. Computers were once only found in the headquarters of large corporations. Yet today they are in most homes. In the same way, a day will come when healing pods will be as commonplace in the home as a computer or television is today. Once this technology is developed it will become mobile. A modern mobile phone has more computer power than NASA used to put man on the moon. And, the personal devices of the future will have more healing power than the hospitals of today.

Future of Medicine

This technology is already being developed and is following three distinct routes. At present radiation treatment is commonly used to treat cancer. This process involves light energy, specifically transmitting high frequency gamma waves to fry the troublesome cells.

The second method being tested is to transmit ‘mechanical sound waves’ to literally demolish the cells. So far, the results are promising.

The third possibility is to transmit information ‘signals’ to the cells. It’s likely that the super-advanced healthcare of the future will be a combination of all three – it will be a synergy of sound, light and information to rapidly heal and restore sick cells as people are literally healed by the sound of music. As Elton John says, “Music has healing power.”


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