Father’s Day: Survey Shows Das Still Get Sh*te Gifts


Father’s day isn’t getting better for a lot of Dads.

According to a recent survey by Manly Man Co, only a third (33.6%) of Dads chose Father’s Day as being one of the most important days. Adding insult to injury, Father’s Day was beat out by Mother’s Day.

Key findings of the survey:

A quarter of men may be dropping the ball on Dad’s big day: When asked if they have ever forgotten to get their dad a Father’s Day gift, a combined total of 26% of people surveyed said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe.’

Better late than never?
Asked how often they are late with a Father’s Day gift, nearly a third of people surveyed (30.2%) responded either ‘sometimes’ (12.7%), ‘always’ (11.9%) or ‘frequently’ (5.6%.)

Ironically, men reported being frequently late with Father’s Day gifts (62.7%,) significantly more than women (37.3%).

Presently confused:
Asked how close to Father’s Day they purchase a gift, 7.5% of respondents asked ‘when is Father’s Day?’
5.7% said ‘one day before’ and 2.9% said ‘on the way to Father’s Day dinner.’

Ironically, men (60.3%) seem more confused about when Father’s Day is, asking ‘when is Father’s Day again?’ vs. only 39.7% of women.

Father's Day

The blame game:
Asked who they blame when a Father’s Day gift is late, COVID topped the list at 10.7%, followed by Mail/Couriers 9.3%, undefined ‘global shortages’ (7.9%), Kids (5.9%), porch pirates (5.7%) and ‘vendors who they bought a present from’ (5.3%).

Men are much more likely to blame ‘porch pirates’ (62.0%) than women (38.0%).

Father's Day

Father’s Day BONUS findings

Asked what the worst Father’s Day gift they ever received was, 22.3% of respondents said ‘nothing.’ 10.3% said a traditional ‘tie,’ and 4.9% said ‘socks.’

The oddest bad gift responses included:
‘Macaroni art,’ a ‘bad letter,’ a ‘pet rock,’ a ‘fish plaque,’ ‘a plunger,’ ‘Pokemon cards’ and most strange of all ‘a taxidermied alligator head.’

There you go readers, don’t give Da a taxidermied alligator head.

Father's day

Here are some great ideas for Father’s Day. You are welcome.






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