Cheating Women find the Irish Accent the Sexiest


It seems some men have the luck of the Irish when it comes to the accent department.

According to a survey by, a cheaters website, women looking for an affair women have voted the Irish accent the sexiest. So are you an Irish guy who wants to get down and drity with a cheating lady? You are in luck.


Cheating women overwhelmingly found the romantic brogue of such stars as Colin Farrell and Liam Neeson irresistible.

But the same doesn’t work out for women with an Irish accent. Cheating men have other preferences as a priority. The survey of over 6000 members of the dating site found that men were most likely to be attracted to a woman with an Oxford or so called “posh” accent.

According to website PR person Rosie Freeman-Jones, “Sometimes it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Accents are increasingly becoming highlighted in our members profiles as to set them apart from other potentials. Being able to have a conversation is a really important element to forming a successful physical relationship. So finding your date’s accent attractive can be a real plus point.”

Men with Scottish and Cockney accents also fared well, meanwhile the least attractive accent for men was a Manchester accent and women with a Birmingham twang also fared poorly in the poll.

Women from Scotland, Wales and Liverpool should also take advantage of their attractive voices however those from Essex and the UK West Country may not want to promote their vocal region when looking for a date online.

Top Sexiest Accents for Men



West Country


Oxford / Posh

Top Sexiest Accents for Women

Oxford / Posh





Least Sexy Accent for Men




Least Sexy Accent for Women



UK West Country

Or maybe you might not give a flying fig about what cheaters find sexy? Yes. Thought so.

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