Billionaires Around the World Grow Their Wealth by Nearly 18%


Billionaires and getting even wealthier.  Of course they are.

Data company Altrata has released the Billionaire Census 2022. The ninth edition of this report reveals the global billionaire population rose by 3.3% to 3,311 individuals in 2021, with total wealth surging by 17.8% to a record $11.8 trillion.

Billionaires account for an outsized proportion of global wealth. The 3,311 billionaires around the globe represent just 0.9% of the global ultra-high net worth (UHNW) population – those with $30m+ in net worth – yet hold a vast 27.4% share of total UHNW wealth.

Billionaires in Regional Trends

In a year when the Covid-19 pandemic remained the dominant influence, the report explores the changes to the global billionaire population and its collective wealth in 2021.

-At 1,035 billionaires, North America consolidated its status as the world’s leading billionaire region in 2021, recording above-average population growth and wealth gains

-Kuwait City, San Francisco and Hong Kong are the cities with the highest density of billionaires

-Of the top five primary industries, technology has the youngest, most self-made billionaires

-“Super-billionaires”, comprising a mere 20 individuals with a net worth of over $50 billion, held a 17% share of all billionaire wealth in 2021, a sharp increase from 11% in 2019 and just 4% in 2016

-Data shows the average US CEO or non-profit trustee has a direct connection to almost four billionaires and second-degree connections to more than 250.

Billionaires in Ireland

Let’s not forget our billionaires.

USA at the Top

The US bolstered its status as the dominant billionaire country in 2021, while second-placed China saw a modest fall in its billionaire population.

Expanding by almost 20%, India jumped four places in the number of billionaires, replacing Russia as the fourth-ranked billionaire country.

Russia’s billionaire numbers declined by 11%, and this was before the invasion of Ukraine and the imposition of severe international sanctions.

This varying performance illustrates the uneven impact of the pandemic (and the related recovery in 2021) on individual billionaires’ wealth holdings, given their varied exposure to industry sectors, asset markets and countries’ economies.


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