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As we all know, we have had the same resident psychic working for Old Moore’s Almanac for several years now. His interesting and accurate predictions have led to an increase in circulation and a lot of news coverage of the predictions, especially when they come true! Here, we interview the man himself.

When did you first know you were psychic?

It came on late in life. I was perhaps always psychic, but I just didn’t know what it was or how to recognise the signs until psychic gifts became more talked about in mainstream media. It started slowly. Recently I found myself thinking a lot about Halle Berry. And then I would think about babies. Then I just put two and two together. It’s more of a feeling than anything else. And I was just having these feelings more often. And then I predicted that she would have a baby, and that year, she was 46, so it was a bit out there.

Why do you make predictions about famous people?

I often make predictions for friends and family. Like for example, one of my friends got pregnant recently, and I told her that her son would be born on a Friday. She had a scheduled caesarean for a Monday, so she thought I was nuts. But as it turned out, a series of events changed so that in the end her baby was born on a Friday. However I can’t use these predictions for the Almanac, because nobody knows my friend! So I have to use people who are very famous, so that everyone gets a thrill when it comes true. Famous people are famous because their lives are made to represent different aspects of the human condition to all of us. They are an example and they chose that life before they came to earth.

Lady Gaga was diagnosed with Lupus, which you predicted 6 months before it happened.

Yes. That’s right. It has to be a well-known person or event so everyone can verify the prediction. But there are things that I predict that come true but the media just doesn’t pick up on it. So it happens quietly. Steve Martin had his first child at age 67. I knew he would be in the news for reasons other than the movies, and we published this prediction. However, the story was reported in mainstream media long after after the baby was born, and only by chance. So sometimes, I predict things but they just don’t make the news.

You have been wrong about some things though. Like for example, Kirsten and R-Patz and their separation. You predicted a wedding for them?

[Laughs]. Those two! I still say watch this space. Those two are destined to be together and will eventually find each other again. She has way more confidence than him, even though she is a bit awkward in public. He seems more at ease but really, he’s not. He’s a mummy’s boy, but as he matures, and grows in confidence, things will happen for them again.

You were also wrong about Jennifer Aniston.

Well, she has met THE GUY. Phew, I’m glad that is over. I was right about that. Her and Brad were wrong from the start. He married “Rachel”, and found out she was Jennifer. And Jennifer is lovely, but that’s not who he fell in love with. However the future isn’t set, especially when it comes to human decisions. There are crossroads in life. I can see the crossroad, but I can’t always see which road people will go down. Jennifer Aniston says she wants a baby, and I feel she has made preparations for this via frozen eggs or some sort of fertility treatment. But in her soul she doesn’t think she wants to be a mum. Brad’s subsequent marraige won’t last, however.

You were spectacularly right about the series of cruise ship disasters.

Yes unfortunately I saw a sinking cruise ship and another with a fire on board. Then of course many other smaller events happened. I think we are at the tail-end of the serious cruise ship disasters though. The companies who only care about profit will still have problems, but the bigger more established brands who genuinely want to give people a great holiday will recover and make safety a priority.

Why do you want to stay anonymous?

Some people accept my gifts, and others don’t. I do a range of different work, from forecasting for financial institutions, to stockmarket work for myself. So financially, I make a living. So the last thing I want on top of that is fame. Fame means you have to be on your best behaviour in public, all of the time. I feel sorry for people like Bono. I would hate to have to talk to every soul on the street who recognised me, I’d never get anything done!


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