Virgo Horoscope – Seer Sive’s Advice for the Week Ahead

Virgo and the week ahead.

Virgo  Sign

18th September to 25th September

Under the celestial alignment of the sun and moon, confidence courses through your veins. Yet, beware the seductive allure of overconfidence. While your regal nature shines bright, remember that humility is the key to genuine happiness. The universe entrusts you with the delicate balance between self-assuredness and modesty. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves, for in humility, you shall find true contentment.

Singles, redirect your focus outward. Your innate charisma, amplified by Mercury’s lean towards Neptune, draws others like moths to a flame. Engage in genuine connections, taking the time to explore the depths of those you meet. Your inquisitiveness flatters others, fostering lasting connections. Let humility guide you to new, enriching relationships.

Couples, prioritise your partner’s desires, allowing them the space to lead. Let them choose the destination, the indulgence, the moments of joy. A more equitable distribution of influence will infuse your relationship with renewed affection. Discover new facets of your beloved, falling in love once more. Remember, you are both integral to your shared journey.


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Virgos are also great at offering practical advice. If you’re facing a difficult situation, they’ll be able to offer some clear and actionable steps that you can take to improve it. Plus, they’re always willing to lend a listening ear if you need someone to talk to.