Virgo and Aries

This can be a most contrary duo, and quite similar to the combination of Aries and Gemini. Virgo being ruled by Mercury tends to be pernickety, analytical and critical of the outgoing nature of Aries The Aries – being expansive and outgoing – finds it difficult to fathom why the Virgo wants to analyse every aspect of everything.  This couple will probably fall down in every area possible; the Aries will want to spend every penny, while the Virgo will wear out the calculator totting up the savings. The house-proud Virgo will spend all day cleaning and will give up in total despair at the untidiness of the Aries, ending up making war not lovewill give up in total despair at the untidiness of the Aries, ending up making war not love.


Virgo and Taurus

Both being earth signs, there will be much in common for this duo – they are home-loving and share the same intellectual pursuits. The Virgo and Taurus desire material success and security and a peaceful, loving home. The stubborn Taurus will be in for a big shock when he or she does not get his way with the Virgo’s sharp mind and even sharper tongue. Both are well-grounded and they share the same intellectual interests. Taurus’s tenacity and Virgo’s sharp mind are a good combination for success. One area of likely contention is that of sexuality. The Taurus is more physical, while the Virgo finds other interests generally more attractive. Both thrifty and cautious with money, they will mostly always have a nice little nest egg ready for a rainy day.

Virgo and Gemini

These two Mercury-ruled signs have an intellectual and logical approach to life. Virgo tends to be pernickety, analytical and critical. On the other hand, the Gemini requires constant change, and all kinds of excitement, immediately conflicting with the Virgo’s desire for security and stability. Virgo wants to analyse every aspect of everything, on the other hand the Gemini wants to challenge every aspect of everything, and herein lies the demise. The Virgo is a creature of habit and once they have everything exactly the way they want it they may simply place too many demands on the Gemini who will seek to escape.

Virgo and Cancer

This is an unlikely mix, and if this relationship works, it will be for all the wrong reasons. In the beginning this duo will seem to look like a match made in heaven. But it will suddenly change when the Virgo starts to organise the passionate moon-ruled Cancer. While both are home-loving, the affectionate libido of Cancer will not be satisfied by Virgo’s direct and cool approach to intimate matters in the relationship. At the first sign of the Cancer becoming flirtatious and tactile, the conventional, conservative Virgo will run for cover. If the Virgo can calm that demanding nature, and the Cancer can understand the Virgo reserve, this duo can find a happy middle ground, may work well enough to keep both very happy.

Virgo and Leo

What an unusual mixture! When the magnanimous Leo and the analytical Virgo swing into each other’s love orbits, they will require very specific ingredients to make a long-term success of it. If the Leo has Venus in Virgo and like wise Virgo has Venus in Leo, these two are laughing all the way to the altar, and have a very good chance for a long and happy relationship. The larger-than-life Leo will beam with delight and overlook the Virgo’s critical nature. The Virgo will bask in Leo’s warmth and generous light, and overlook many of the faults they would usually be up in arms about. Once this duo understands each other’s ground rules, this relationship has the potential survive any difficulty.

Virgo and Virgo

This is a relationship of like minds, once these perfectionists resist the urge to be over analytical and fault-finding with each other. Virgos are usually intelligent people who at times take life too seriously. They will bring out the very best in each other and share common interests. They have a passion for bookkeeping, so this pair will enjoy hours going over their accounts. You will find them rejoicing and celebrating with a glass of water, about just how much they have saved today. This does not mean that they don’t spend, they do. But they are exceptionally careful about what they spend their money on. They usually have beautiful home in pristine condition.

Virgo and Libra

This is an unlikely duo, although they will each have many traits that will appeal to the other. However they are likely to irritate the life out of each other. Both are intellectual and love to be mentally challenged, though the freedom-loving Libra is much too careless for the pernickety Virgo. Libra enjoys socialising, spending money and just being out there meeting people. The Libra will seldom arrive home on time for dinner, the Virgo will try to impose and dominate the Libra’s outgoing and social nature, to a point where the Libra will run for cover in search of more fun-loving friends.

Virgo and Scorpio

The sensual Scorpio will probably be just too passionate and sensuous for the cautious and careful Virgo. The Scorpio is likely to be too promiscuous for our saintly Virgo. They are always looking for ways to spice up their relationships; which would place too much pressure on the emotionally cool and reserved Virgo, who will certainly not entertain any of this kind of unpleasant behaviour. Virgo has a wonderful logical and intellectual mind, but is too analytical for the imaginative Scorpio. The Scorpio is expressive, and being a water sign, is tactile and needs constant reassurance. Although they are both home loving, they will almost certainly clash on how anything and everything should be done.


Virgo and Sagittarius

Here we see the clash of the Titians. It is very unlikely that this duo would be able to develop a relationship past the first date. The free-spirited Sagittarius has nothing in common with the Virgo’s restrictive nature. The Sagittarius is a reckless adventurer who loves to travel, or go off at a moment’s notice. The Virgo will want to stay at home, saving for a rainy day. The Virgo prefers a well-ordered and simple lifestyle, clashing with the extravagant Sagittarius who loves to spend money on luxury items like big flash, fast cars and designer clothes. The Virgo will go for the modest but economic micro car, and clothes that are practical and can be passed on from person to person.

Virgo and Capricorn

Here we have all the ingredients for a successful and happy relationship, Capricorn’s ambition and drive for success blends well with Virgo’s intellectual and clear-minded vision of how a relationship should operate. Both are prepared to work hard for a common purpose, and are very like-minded in their perspective of how money should be spent, and that is with caution. Both are disciplined and take great pride and pleasure in achieving their goals. On an intuitive level they understand each other more than they would ever recognise, and generally understand and seldom cross agreed boundaries.

Virgo and Aquarius

These two signs are both rational and intellectual; there is an immediate meeting of minds. Unfortunately this is where the similarity ends. The Aquarius is progressive, adventurous and warm by nature, while the self-contained Virgo, when under pressure, can be emotionally cold. The Virgo finds it difficult to understand the progressive outgoing nature of the Aquarius, while the Aquarius in turn finds it difficult to understand the Virgo’s over-cautious nature and desire for financial security. The Aquarius is independent, humanitarian and probably cares more about other people, than they do about themselves. At the end of the day this duo will find it difficult to meet on any level.

Virgo and Pisces

Here we see a strange mixture of air and water, the intellect and the emotional, neither mixing where the twain shall meet. Virgo sees love in intellectual terms, while Pisces feels love on a deep emotional level. To Pisces love is all-consuming and passionate, while the Virgo will take a step back and wonder why and what the Pisces is going on about. They are opposites in zodiac terms, so there may at first be a powerful attraction. The Virgo finds the mysterious Pisces fascinating and intriguing, while on the other hand the Pisces at first finds the Virgo’s cautious nature very appealing.