An Urban Farm on Every Rooftop Could be our Future


There is a movement underway that may revolutionise farming.

Nicole Buckler reports.

Very soon, there will be 9 billion people in the world. That’s a hell of a lot of people to feed. And not only are there a lot of us, we are moving: to cities. So not only do we have to feed loads more people, we have to chase them into the city to distribute their food to them. The average vegetable has travelled 2000 miles to get to the local store in the USA, and the statistics are similar in other countries, including the EU. This all seems a bit long-winded and slightly daft. The solution in simple terms then is to move the food production to where the people are: in the big smoke. To do this, we need to get some new ideas quickly if we are going to feed everyone, as we will need 100 per cent more food than we make now in the coming years.

A farm on the top of a building in Switzerland

An urban farm on a rooftop in Europe






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