The Birdhouse that Actually Looks Like an Irish House!


This Birdhouse is the cutest Irish thing that ever existed in the whole world and the rest of the universe.

Most families are familiar with the standard birdhouse.  Kids make them on camp or drag the home from the school art class.  The birdhouses are then placed outside for birds to make a home in. They raise families, and provide an opportunity for all to see nature first-hand. And then as the birdhouse slowly gets overtaken by mould and 16 different types of lichen, Ma  sneaks it into the bin when no one is looking.


But there has been a breakthrough on the birdhouse front. Raymond Kenny, a master craftsman from Craughwell, Co. Galway, has taken the birdhouse to the next level.  He designs and makes birdhouses that mimic classic Irish domestic architecture.


The Man, The Birdhouse

Kenny takes his craft seriously.  No detail is missed in the design and creation of the birdhouse.  His finest creation is a detailed scale replica of the classic Irish thatch house that once sprinkled the Irish countryside.

In the Irish thatch house birdhouse, Kenny has painstakingly recreated all of the fine elements of the original 17th century home down to the thatch roof.  Each house comes 100 percent pre-assembled, is made from sustainable materials and are protected from the elements.  This means the Irish thatch birdhouse from Cuckoo’s Garden will last for many years.


The birdhouse stands on a simple stand, independent of a tree.  This design allows for 360º viewing, allowing owners and birding enthusiasts to place their birdhouse anywhere in the family garden.

Birdhouse Buying

Raymond’s company, called Cuckoo’s Garden offer a variety of different houses, all based on traditional Irish domestic architecture. This includes bird feeders and nesting boxes.


Like most people, Raymond shares a great love for nature, and his environment. He has practiced as an architect for over 30 years, where creating a comfortable, sustainable and shared environment is part of everyday thinking.

Human owners of the bird gaffs say that when the birds realise they can squat in the new house, the birds put on a display. They  pop in and out of the door and look out through windows, while their comrades feed on the many delights provides by their hosts.

There you go people, your evenings are sorted. You can sit back with neighbours and friends with a glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy your feathered friends on display.

Think of the gift potential for your Irish relatives overseas! Oh yes, Raymond’s birdhouses are going to do very well!

Raymond might even do you a replica of your own house if you suck up enough. No harm in asking him by emailing

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