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The Ghosts that Haunt Dublin

How many of us really believe in ghosts? If you ask around you will find that most people have seen “something”…  Have you? Dave Walsh is…

The Most Haunted Places in the World

Darker nights… swirling mists… unexplained bumps in the night. Are you drawn to the dark world of haunted houses? Here are some creepy ideas to spook…

The Ghosts of the Castle

Craig O’Shea explores the medieval spirits of historic Foulksrath Castle. Ireland’s sacred landscape is decorated with remnants of our turbulent history. From coast to coast, county…

The Ghosts That Haunt The City Of Cork

Discover the darker side of Cork with this collection of spine-chilling tales from Darren Mann’s book Haunted Cork. County Cork’s paranormal occupants first caught my eye after reading…

Old True Irish Ghost Stories

There are many stories about Irish ghosts. In fact the Old Moore’s Almanac is still featuring modern accounts of them even today. But this book was…

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