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Modern Irish Ghost Stories

Our readers often make contact with us to report their paranormal happenings. Here are some of our readers’ ghost stories. Bottle Tower Knocking Every day I…

Saved by the Other Side

Have you ever had an experience where you thought you got help from the “other side?” These people say they have. A London doctor has recently…

The Ghosts of the Castle

Craig O’Shea explores the medieval spirits of historic Foulksrath Castle. Ireland’s sacred landscape is decorated with remnants of our turbulent history. From coast to coast, county…

The Ghosts of Kilkenny

Craig O’Shea shares his knowledge of Kilkenny’s ghostly medieval spirits. Few lands are steeped in as diverse a history as Ireland’s. From coast to coast, remnants…

The Ghosts That Haunt The City Of Cork

Discover the darker side of Cork with this collection of spine-chilling tales from Darren Mann’s book Haunted Cork. County Cork’s paranormal occupants first caught my eye after reading…

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