We humans are both incredibly stupid and incredibly incredible. And my future forecast here reflects that. There is a lot of uncertainty to come, but there are also many breakthroughs to come too, and they are very exciting and worth the wait.

At present, we are living in uncertain times, so Europe will start talking about a missile defence shield. This will be a joint project between many people across Europe. As the world’s population grows, and citizens jostle for resources, there will be several times that this missile defence shield will be good for morale and peace of mind. Watch for the story unfolding in the media.

In terms of health news, obesity will be solved in under ten years, with safe cheap medication that will eventually be available off prescription, under certain conditions. The medication will be based on your genetic make-up, with different formulas allocated to different gene sets. Speaking of genes, over the next few decades, bespoke medicine, administered according to how your genes tell your body to function, will be the most common form of therapy. This breakthrough will change the medical community. As for medicine in a few decades, it will be unrecognisable to us now. Many surgeries will be undertaken by robots, and therapies will cure cancer in all but the very unusual cases. This will be all down to genetic breakthroughs, making geneticists the new rock stars.

Space scientists will also be the next demi-gods. Over the next ten years, our ventures into space will capture the world and will provide good news which will buffer the bad news. There will be some disasters and accidents, of course, but it will not dent the excitement of watching the first pioneers break new ground on worlds other than ours. In the space race, Russia will surge ahead, plunging huge resources into a spaceport and off-planet stations. As well as outer space, we will go to inner space. That is, we will drill down into the Earth’s mantle. We get a much better understanding of how it all works by doing this.

Technology back on earth will also be impressive. The internet will be everywhere. It will be connected to our cars, our bodies, our homes, our work areas, everywhere we go, there it is. And this isn’t something to be afraid of. Our wearable devices will alert us and medical teams if we have a heart attack or are in anaphylactic shock, and medical help will be deployed even before we know we are in crisis. But there will be other practical uses of omnipresent internet. It will also keep us on schedule and enable us to avoid crowds and traffic jams. It will tell us what to cook for dinner using what ingredients we have left in our fridges, and what to get on the way home to help us use what we have left. We will be able to turn on our home heating system as we leave work or wherever we are: in fact, our heating systems will tell us when they break down.

The main continent to watch over the next few decades is Africa. With greater technologies available, Africa rises: medical advances will help to raise the population out of disease and free them to build up their nations. Farming and water technology will enable them to turn arid regions into fertile oases. They will grow economically as they become the farmers feeding the world. I see a pan-African country currency rising…and I hear it being called the “Afro.” As Africa rises, watch for the amazing infrastructural projects that get underway. Bridges, railways, ports, high-rises, dams, power stations, it’s all there.

And here’s some good news for all the “vainies” out there: non-surgical facelifts that make you look like you have had an actual surgical facelift will be available. Yes you will be 60 and look 30, using laser technology. It will be safe, and effective, and you’ll look great. And that really is something to look forward to.

Go well.

Old Moore.


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