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Life is hard enough, so here’s some great hints and tips to make things a little easier.

leather couchLEATHER COUCH

Is your leather couch sun damaged, or simply worn? Then use shoe polish/wax to “colour in” the parts that need refreshing. This will make your couch look new, and it is dry in just half an hour. Once dried, the polish will not come off onto your clothes.


ground coffeeCOFFEE FIX

If you have to clean up human or pet vomit, put coffee grounds on it first. Firstly, it takes away the godawful smell. Secondly, it dehydrates it, so you can sweep it all up without feeling sick yourself.


flowers and soap

Take a bar of soap, and without unwrapping it, put it in your drawers to keep clothes smelling nice and fresh all the time. It never loses its fragrance!


coloured ice cubesICE CUBES

If you drink cola, make ice cubes from cola and then put them in your glass of cola. This way the ice cubes don’t water down the taste. You can do the same with orange juice, or even with white wine.


pots on cooker

Here’s a trick for cleaning stainless steel. Use dry flour! Just put it on a microfiber cloth and buff up your surfaces. Rinse it off, and you should see a fresh shine. It sounds weird, but it works.


hand holding smartphoneLOCKSCREEN

When you have a really busy day with a tight schedule, take a photo of your diary or to-do list for that day and save it as your lockscreen. That way you will know what you have to do next without wasting time constantly pulling up the schedule on your phone.


red and green lollipopsLOLLIPOPS

If you are having some kids over for dinner or are holding a kids’ party, give kids a lollipop each to stir their water. They will be more likely to drink water rather than a fizzy drink, and also the lollipop will flavour the water.


folded clothesLAUNDRY

By adding a pinch of salt to your laundry before washing it, you can actually brighten your clothes. Try it and see for yourself!



nails being manicured

For perfect nail polish at home, put kids’ PVC glue on the skin around your fingernails. After your nail polish has dried, simply peel off the PVC for a perfectly manicured look!


glass mug of hot chocolateBEST HOT CHOCOLATE

For the best hot chocolate ever, put some chocolate spread into a mug of milk and microwave. It’s fast and super-delicious.



google search pageOPEN SOURCE

If there is a programme or an app you want for free, instead of googling say, video editor + free, google video editor + “open source” and this will help you avoid limited trial versions and malware.


vodka bottle and filter jugBETTER VODKA

If you can only afford the cheaper vodkas, filter them using a Brita filter. It will taste better and catch some of the additives that cause hangovers.


bottles of nail polishNAIL POLISH SAVER

Do you have bottles of old nail polish that have lumps in them? Simply put a few drops of nail polish remover in the bottle and shake it. And voilà! It’s as good as new.


filled tacoEPIC TACOS

When making tacos, put the cheese into the taco first. It will form a protective layer that will stop the taco from going soggy or breaking.


lined up suitcasesLUGGAGE TIP

When travelling with a group of people or your family, have everyone in the group put one outfit into the next person’s suitcase. That way if your bag goes missing or is accidentally sent on the wrong plane, you’ll have a back-up outfit.


dirty running shoeSMELLY SHOES

If your shoes are offensively smelly, a quick fix is to put a dryer sheet in the shoes before you put them on. It combats smells very fast!


smartphone wrapped in plastic bagFESTIVAL PHONE

If you are going to the beach or somewhere where there is a lot of mud, like a festival, then wrap your phone in cling film. If you drop it, it will stay clean, and you can still use the phone through the cling wrap!


small blue fridge with cuddly toyCLING FILM

Keep your cling film in the fridge. A lot of people find it much more cooperative and easier to use when it is cold.



smartphone with facebook login screen showingREMOTELY LOG OUT OF FACEBOOK

Have you ever forgotten to log out after using someone else’s phone or PC to check your Facebook account? Don’t worry, you can log out remotely. Go to the settings drop down menu and select the “security and login” tab on the left of the screen. You can see where you’re logged in and close the session.


wifi router with cut-open drinks can behind it

Tired of slow speeds and dropped connections when you’re online? Try this simple DIY hack to boost your wifi signal. Cut open an empty drink can, open it out and place it over the antenna of your wifi router as shown in the picture. The wireless signal will reflect off the aluminium and bounce back in the opposite direction. Alternatively, fold a piece of tinfoil into the shape of a rectangle and curve it to achieve the same effect.

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