A Natural Approach to Cosmetic Treatments


Cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular in Ireland in recent years. An exciting and novel approach to these treatments is now available at a new Dublin clinic. The Lucia Jordan Aesthetic Clinic uses natural, plant-based products from a high-quality Swiss skincare brand called Cholley Suisse.


But who are Cholley? Relatively unknown in Ireland, they are a Swiss skincare company specialising in the production of phyto cosmetics. Phyto what now? Good question! According to Cholley’s website phyto cosmetics are:

“a special sector of the cosmetics industry which draws on modern science and empirical knowledge of properties of plants to produce cosmetic products with desired effects.”

Crucially the active ingredients in phyto cosmetics are not produced in a lab but come directly from plants. Cholley’s Swiss-Iranian founder, Cholley Paydar Bavandpour, became interested in plant-based skincare products when her teenage acne was cured with an Iranian herb after medical treatments failed. In fact, many traditional Persian herbs are still used in Cholley products today.


In 1990 Cholley acquired the laboratory of Swiss scientist, Dr. Masset de Vallefort, who had been researching phyto cosmetics since 1972. The brand has grown from there. Ingredients for Cholley products, including the Iranian herbs, are sourced or grown in Switzerland and are produced in Cholley labs there. Swiss skincare products are world-renowned for their quality and high standard.

Lucia highly recommends Cholley products, saying that clients will be 100% satisfied with results. She points out that while the brand is not well-known in Ireland, their products are highly rated elsewhere. In Romania, for example, where Lucia ran a clinic for ten years before moving to Ireland, Cholley are a popular skincare brand. Indeed, Cholley products are popular in many other countries, particularly in Asia.


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Posted by Lucia Jordan Aesthetic Clinic on Thursday, 10 May 2018


Lucia’s clinic, based in Fairview just outside Dublin city centre, is the only one in Ireland using Cholley products. She offers excellent client care and a wide range of treatments including mesotherapy, PDO thread lifting, lip filler, face and body lifting programmes, skin peeling and anti-cellulite treatment. Importantly, clients also receive a range of Cholley products specially tailored to their needs for home use. You can contact Lucia here or phone 087 676 9317 to discuss your treatment needs.

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