Seer Sive’s Virgo Horoscope

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Personal growth and development is a major theme for June, although there may also be some complications thrown into the mix.

Emotions are likely to run high around the time of the Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse on June 5th. Personal relationships are highlighted now and there is potential for conflict or criticism. Your first instinct may be to point the finger of blame – either at yourself or someone else. But wait, there is a lesson to be learned here: the ability to rise above other people’s drama is a skill. Engage in a way that leaves you feeling better about yourself and moves the relationship forward.

Mid-month brings a Mercury retrograde. Yes, your ruling planet is at it again, causing all sorts of complications. This is the second of three Mercury retrogrades this year and lasts until mid-July, so take extra care around communications of all kinds for the next few weeks. It’s not all bad news, however. Three days later, the new moon arrives along with a solar eclipse that promises to shake off the cobwebs. This is a time of great determination, a time for looking forward and making new plans – especially if they involve doing something you would usually think twice about.

Just before the end of the month, on June 30th, Jupiter and Pluto join forces in an important event that will impact you in the longer term. This influence is all about bettering yourself – you might find a new outlet for a talent or solve a problem that’s been holding you back in life. Don’t allow opportunities for self-improvement to pass you by now.

For Singles: A chance to rekindle an old romance seems very possible this month, although you’re likely to be a bit up in the air about what it is you want – especially when opportunities for new love complicate the situation.

For people in a relationship: Feelings of resentment or neglect in your relationship need to be addressed before they cause long-term damage. Better to air your dirty laundry than to let things fester.


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