Seer Sive’s Virgo Horoscope

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Third Week of October


This season is one of creativity and inspiration for you, so be sure to seize the moment when you can. Ever-brimming with life and optimism, you may feel the desire to indulge in life’s greatest pleasures–but hold back and focus on long-term, sustainable things that nourish your body and soul. This includes letting go of resentment and negative emotions–free up all that space and let positivity shine in.

For singles: People are naturally drawn to your big energy; now is the chance to be open to new friendships and relationships. Dating for you will be an exciting and steamy affair–so feel free to let your hair down a bit and have fun!

For people in a relationship: You may be a great socialiser, but it’s another thing to allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner. This time is opportune for you to unpack past feelings of resentment, so you can move forward together as a couple.