Seer Sive’s Cancer Horoscope

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cancer horoscope


This month brings both a lunar and solar eclipse to stretch you out of your comfort zone, but there are good prospects for inner growth, too.

On June 5th, the Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse could bring difficult emotions or relationship issues to the fore. Temptation to avoid facing things head-on should be avoided – there are good opportunities now to deal with issues that have been building up for some time. Intuition is higher than usual at this time, so listening to your heart as well as your head can help you find the best resolutions.

The sun makes its annual visit to your sign on June 20th. For the next four weeks, an increase in energy and vitality will help you push forward where obstacles previously blocked your progress. The next day, your astrological new year arrives with the Cancer new moon. This particular new moon packs an extra punch because it’s accompanied by a solar eclipse. This is a time to set new goals or plan a fresh start. There is plenty of drive available to you, and the path should be open and clear.

The month ends with an important long-term aspect. On June 30th, Jupiter and Pluto form a powerful alliance favouring improved social connections – not always an easy task for you, Cancer, but one that will involve less effort under this influence.  There may also be an openness to risk-taking which could lead to you taking a leap of faith into the unknown. You may even look back on this month as the start of something big in your life.

For Singles: Love may be blind, but your friends are not. The stage seems set for a showdown of sorts, as concerned friends involve themselves in your love life against your wishes. You will need to put the foot down very firmly.

For people in a relationship: A clash of interests sparks an interesting phase in your relationship. New doors are open to you both as a different approach is adopted. There will be teething problems, but it’s a positive step.