Cancer: Seer Sive Reads Your Horoscope For the Week Ahead

CANCER and your week ahead.

18th September to 25th September

This week you may feel drained, your energy ebbing away like a tide. Neptune’s passage across the sun threatens to manifest negative energies into exhaustion. After toiling diligently, it’s time to pause, to relish in self-care. Heed the universe’s call for respite. Embrace activities that rejuvenate your spirit, and remember that the cosmos is guiding you towards the right path. Grant yourself this well-deserved reprieve.

Singles, rejection may haunt your steps this week, both in your pursuit of love and in those you encounter. With Mars departing from your sphere, love’s fortune may seem elusive. You may discover a potential match only to have your heartbroken or find yourself the one who must break another’s heart. Accept that solitude may be your companion this week and take comfort in self-indulgence. Wait patiently for the universe’s timely intervention; true love will come when it’s ready.

Couples, brace yourselves for a shadowed phase, where discord may rear its head. A fissure in your relationship, whether instigated by one of you or by external circumstances, threatens the harmony. As Mercury embarks on its retrograde journey, communication may falter. Exercise patience, resist harbouring resentment, and await the passage of this tumultuous week. Hope for brighter days ahead.


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Cancer horoscope:  Cancerian signs are associated with the element of water, which means they’re often intuitive, emotional, and incredibly nurturing. Crabs also a cardinal sign, meaning they’re natural leaders who are always looking out for their loved ones.

Cancer signs are known for their strong intuition, so it’s no surprise that they’re often drawn to astrology. Cancerians are interested in how the stars can affect their lives, and they’re always looking for guidance from the cosmos. Cancer signs are also very emotional and compassionate, which makes them great friends and caregivers. Cancerians often have a deep understanding of other people’s feelings.