Atlantis: Is the Lost Island Actually Ireland? Apparently, Yes!


According to the claims of Keystone University Ireland (wait, who?) the mystery of Atlantis has been solved.

Atlantis, a small continent in a “western ocean” was described in detail by the Greek philosopher Plato. He used his allegorical story to help explain his ideas about government and philosophy.

In a nutshell, Atlantis was a great civilisation, and the people spread their advanced ideas around the world… not as colonisers, but as people who wanted to push the human race forward. The were seen as innately good people who shared their wealth – both material and intellectual.

Alas. Over time, the fair people of Atlantis become less ideal, and it all went wrong. As the people turned into selfish eejits, the gods sent earthquakes and fire to destroy the island and it sank into the sea.

 The Fall of Atlantis by François de Nomé

The Fall of Atlantis by François de Nomé

Many scholars purport that Plato was referring to a real place when he wrote about Atlantis.

Even today, the idea of Atlantis just won’t die… it has inspired many stories, artworks and movies.

Looking for Atlantis in all the wrong places.

Looking for Atlantis in all the wrong places.

So then along comes Keystone University Ireland. They say they have solved the mystery of the Lost Island of Atlantis. They have published video called “Atlantis Ireland” on YouTube that provides over 1,000 pieces of evidence proving that Ireland is the Lost Island of Atlantis.

According to their findings, Ireland IS the legendary lost island of Atlantis. They say that Newgrange in Ireland‘s Boyne Valley is the circular temple of Atlantis and probably the oldest temple on earth.

Was Newgrange in fact the heart of Atlantis?

Was Newgrange in fact the heart of Atlantis?

According to the video, the Irish were the first people in the world to develop an advanced civilisation, including boats, fishing, agriculture, construction, metalwork, language, mathematics, sports, music, philosophy, and astronomy.

The ancient Irish sailed the world giving the gift of civilisation to others.

“It was the Ancient Irish who gave the gift of civilisation to a barbaric world. During the dark ages, Ireland’s spectacular history was mutilated by her enemies. It’s time to set the record straight,” said a spokesperson for Keystone University.

Stone age constructions such as stone circles, mounds, cairns, and dolmens have been found in virtually every country on earth. The most spectacular Stone Age constructions are found in Ireland’s Boyne Valley. The Island of Ireland has an estimated 100,000 Stone Age constructions – thought to be more than the rest of the world put together.


According to the video, the Irish Tree alphabet Ogham was the world’s first written language and is as old as the Stone Age itself. The old Irish Gaelic language is the missing ‘Indo-European’ mother tongue that scholars have sought for centuries and is the root of the world’s languages.

Keystone say that Irish DNA shows up in the unlikeliest of places. Over 1,000 red and fair-haired mummies have been found in Egypt while red-haired mummies have been found all over the world. Many of the Egyptian Pharaohs had red hair while Tutankhamun is from the same genetic gene pool as the Irish.

Keystone say that Plato’s legend of Atlantis was mostly true – it combined two places into one legend, a lot of exaggeration and some historical errors. The Lost City of Atlantis that Plato described was actually an early Irish settlement called Cerne in Mauritania, Africa near the Atlas Mountains. The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara, is what remains of the Lost City of Atlantis today.

The demise of Ireland Atlantis does match with historical weather records. Much of the world was devastated by a huge tsunami, floods, and epic rainfalls triggered by a large comet impact near the Puerto Rico trench 11,600 years ago. This comet impact ended the mini-ice-age period Ireland was in, and was the source of the world’s great deluge legends.

So there you go. Atlantis has been found.

Make your own opinion. Here is the video.


Keystone say they are a new type of university whose mission is to build the world’s best university, a centre of excellence that pushes the human race forward. It offers highly intensive seminars in Dublin, Ireland. These seminars are available to anyone regardless of background. Students fly in from all over the world to learn advanced cutting-edge material that is not available anywhere else on the planet.


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