A Butch Nappy Bag for That Special Father



Men these days are expected to help with the babies. And now there is a new man-bag to help baby Daddies accessorise in a butch way.

By Nicole Buckler

With Father’s Day approaching, we are here to remind you to plan ahead so poor old Dad can get a not-crap gift. And strangely, needing to give a present to a random dad nicely collides with the idea that men now are required to get to know the inner workings of a nappy change.

Yes men are now at the coalface of baby excrement. No one is here to pat them on the back and say “Welcome to equality, it was a long time coming, you bunch of poo-avoiders.” But it is good to know that the world is ready for this new manly poo-warrior.

Not only is it acceptable to have a “Dad-bod” (actually it is quite desirable)…there is now gear to make men feel welcome in their new role. A U.S. company called Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. has added a new item to their flog list. Let us introduce…. the man-bag that is a nappy bag. No longer are men expected to walk around with girly, love-hearted and sometimes sparkly nappy bags. Nope. The butch, manly, and happily brown nappy man-bag is here.

It has been called the Elkton Diaper Bag. Okay so we don’t say “diaper” here in the same way we don’t say “pail” instead of bucket, “pants” instead of trousers, and “can I give you my life savings to get my appendix out,” instead of “free healthcare.” But seeing as the Americans invented the nappy man-bag, they can call it whatever the hell they want.


The bag can manage many weapons of engagement.

Buffalo Jackson (a brand made for the rugged gentleman) wanted to create a diaper bag every man would appreciate. There aren’t many options in the market place for active fathers who don’t want to compromise masculinity or style. Until now. Durably crafted from a leather and waxed canvas, The Elkton Diaper Bag is the manliest diaper bag you have ever seen. This thing is so manly that you could be mistaken for a lumberjack with hidden sexuality issues if you wear it.

The Elkton Diaper Bag was built to survive the everyday obstacles that come with fatherhood, like lack of sleep, little to no sex, and possible divorce. Made with convenience in mind, the bag has two outside pockets for diaper and wipes storage and comes with a ballistic removable nylon-changing pad for easy cleanup. It’s water-resistant and features a full-grain leather trim. It even features a fishing net for the side bottle holders and leather pull straps to keep all the “baby tools” in place.

Says Xan Hood, Founder & CEO of Buffalo Jackson Trading Co, “Coming from a background in selling briefcases and weekend bags for men at Buffalo Jackson, venturing out into a new project of designing diaper bags seemed like a project that maybe new dads and friends could rally behind. After working on this project for a while, I came up with a bag that I (and I think other dads) would be proud to carry.”

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is the story of the rugged gentleman; a flesh and blood character that once symbolised all that was good about the early days. And he lived by those distinctly old-fashioned values of grit, honesty, pride and joy. Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. began with this goal in mind, to create a clothing line that fits a man who knows how to tie a bowtie as well as a dry fly, a man who knows honouring the past doesn’t necessarily mean repeating it. It is a man who understands that it is very weird to have a fake tan and to wax his nipples.

Yes we want our baby Daddies to help with the poo patrol, but we don’t want them to look like chicks as they do it. I think this is the father’s day present of the century. Go butch men, go get what you deserve and ask your baby mammas for this manly nappy manbag.

Buy it here. It is expensive, but remember, all you are is the image you project. Go well, men.

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