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From the 24th March to the 31st

The mystic, the martyr, the sinner, and the saint: these archetypes take on greater importance in your life at a time like this. Forgiveness, compassion, and understanding come naturally, when you look at life from an eternal perspective – and if anyone ever does know such things, you’ll probably come to understand them as this cycle unfolds.

For singles: This can be a phase of sublime spiritual development, to be sure. But you should be aware of tendencies to believe too quickly, too deeply, or to become dependent on things or people that seem to offer quick and easy answers to life’s deepest yearnings.

For people in a relationship: Togetherness and a need for independence tend to be on a collision course at this time in your life, and that can create tension in romantic relationships. You tend to want what you can’t hold. Idealism can lead to what others may consider as eccentric behaviour, and that can jeopardise a good thing.