Seer Sive’s Taurus Horoscope

taurus horoscope


This month’s main focus lies in stretching yourself to grow and develop in new ways. Challenging, but rewarding once you’ve had time to adjust.

On June 5th, a full moon and lunar eclipse brings some challenging emotions but also, a fresh perspective. This is a good time to let go of things that don’t serve you well, but this phase also favours welcoming someone or something new into your life. The challenge is in the letting go – tough for Taureans – but you cannot embrace the new until you have made space in your life for it.

The theme of new beginnings continues with the arrival of the solar eclipse on June 21st. There may be a feeling that you’re being dragged out of your comfort zone and forced to adapt to new ways of doing things. This will be unsettling in the short term, but once you’ve had time to adjust, the benefits will become apparent. You may be required to make a leap into the unknown, which again, is not easy for Taureans – but with challenge comes reward. Take a leap of faith.

A good ending this month. Firstly, your ruling planet, Venus, ends its retrograde and turns direct on June 25th. Expect life to proceed just a little more smoothly from now on, especially where close relationships, finances and life’s simple pleasures are concerned. A few days later on June 30th, Jupiter and Pluto unite their energies in a powerful alliance that favours personal growth. You’ll have laid the groundwork after the challenges brought by this month’s two eclipses; now it’s time to capitalise on your progress by taking concrete steps towards the next stage in your life.

For Singles: It’s time to leave the past behind you and say goodbye to an old flame. The writing is on the wall already, but it will become impossible to avoid by the last week of the month.

For people in a relationship: As a new, exciting phase begins in your relationship, there may be a feeling of cold feet. It’s more likely to be a vague fear of the unknown rather than a genuine case of second thoughts. Give it time.