Seer Sive’s Taurus Horoscope

taurus horoscope

Fourth Week in July


Trust that feeling of inner strength this week. Sometimes, you will need to fight to care for your well-being. This period will ask you to stand up for what you believe in and deserve. Do it and expect to be rewarded in the end. Uranus is moving into your Money House this week. If you are laying down plans for the future, now is the time to take a bigger risk than you had planned. The planets are with you.

For singles: This period will encourage you to dip into your wild side. Forget about other people, if you need to explore several options, then do it. And don’t look back.

For people in a relationship: Pay closer attention to what is happening in your relationship. The full moon will heighten your sense of intuition – trust it. It’s good to be suspicious, even if you are wrong.