Seer Sive’s Taurus Horoscope

taurus horoscope

Third Week of October


This month brings you an abundance of opportunities, but only if you are willing to accept the lessons that come with it. This month holds promising news, like an important break at work, and will continue to reward you if you learn to keep an open mind. Let your pride down, and allow opportunities to flow within.

For singles: This month is a period of exploration for you. Take advantage by opening up your dating calendar to someone new and unexpected. Let go of your idea of a “type” and prepare to be surprised by their views on life. It’s fine to disagree on a few things–take this chance to learn from their perspective.

For people in a relationship: You may be charged and excited to take matters into your own hands, but don’t forget to check in with those closest to you. Keep an open mind and listen to your partner’s point of view–you may be surprised at what you might agree on.