Seer Sive’s Scorpio Horoscope

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This month is all about grabbling opportunities and making the most of them. There are good prospects for career development, in particular.

On June 5th, the Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse brings some negative emotions to light. There is no point in papering over the cracks and pretending everything is ok – the issues raised now are things that are causing you some difficulty. Resolving these matters leads to greater self-acceptance and inner peace. This is a powerful opportunity for growth.

The new moon and solar eclipse on June 21st appears to build on progress made during the lunar eclipse. There are opportunities to move on now, and obstacles that have been blocking your path are easily moved. A desire for greater connection with the world around you leads to positive outcomes. There is a feeling that the universe has more to offer if you are open to the opportunities it sends your way. This is a constructive, optimistic time.

The month ends on a high note. On June 27th, Mars moves into Aries and stays there until January 2021. This phase favours career development and the pursuit of new goals. Aim high – with Mars in Aries, the sky is the limit. This impact is further emphasised three days later when Pluto – your ruling planet – teams up with mighty Jupiter to further your personal development. Your deepest ambitions can be brought to light now. It’s time to plot your route to success.

For Singles: You have your sights set on love – and one person in particular, so turn up the charm and make your move. Lady love seems likely to smile on you this month

For people in a relationship: A challenging time for your relationship seems likely in the first half of the month. Passion is rekindled during the last week or two in a feast or famine situation.