Seer Sive’s Sagittarius Horoscope

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The end of something, the beginning of something else and some important life questions. It’s all there this month.

On June 5th, a full moon and lunar eclipse occurs in your sign. This is a great time to reap rewards and fulfil goals, a time when bringing plans or projects to fruition is favoured. Energy is high in this phase, too – but watch out for emotions rising to the surface – some of which may even take you by surprise. There may be some anger buried deep, take care not to direct it at the wrong person, if you can help it.

June 21st brings a new moon and the month’s second eclipse – a solar one this time. If the lunar eclipse brought opportunities for conclusion or fulfilment, this one is all about starting something new. You’re endlessly curious and always brimming with ideas, so the only problem you’re likely to face here is in choosing which pet project or new goal to focus on. Then again, who says you should restrict yourself? You will have plenty of available energy and drive under this influence, so make the most of it.

The month ends on a high with your ruling planet joining forces with mysterious Pluto on June 30th. This is an important event that will impact you in the long-term. Personal growth is the theme here, but you should think big. What is your life’s meaning? How can you achieve greater significance in your life? Asking these sorts of questions now will lead you to some interesting and worthwhile answers.

For Singles: An online connection holds a promise of love – but don’t jump in too soon or you might come on too strong. This one calls for a slower, more considered approach.

For people in a relationship: Health concerns overshadow your relationship early in the month, but a satisfactory resolution seems likely. Later in the month, life’s simple pleasures become a source of joy.